What do you see?

Boy or girl? I’m seeing boy.



Both, sorry! That baby is adorable!

Thanks. I’m leaning more toward boy but could be a girl with girl clothes. I just can’t decide.

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I see both but more boy!

Oh, and amazing baby by the way, so adorable!

Could be both, if you ask me.

I vote boy

What a beautiful baby! Hmmm I am struggling too, I definitely see both in this little one. I see boy a teeny bit more, but I feel this one would make a stunning girl. A little flower headband and gahhhh

I see boy but I’m sure with the right touch of clothing and hair bows, it could easily go girly.

See a precious baby girl! So sweet!

I see boy and the hair is spot on. Perfect

Beautiful!! Girl I can just see a cute little bow in the gorgeous hair !


How did you do those colors?it looks perfect to me did u do creases ? Or do u even do crease in darker babies ?

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I couldn’t begin to tell you how I did those colors. lol I mix my own. I just darkened the skin color a little for the creases.

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I see boy, but could also make a cute girl.

my first feel was boy but I can see girl too and with that adorable hair I would do girl…

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I see a baby girl. Very adorable!