What do you say?

I’m 31 and have just started Reborning. I’m so excited about it, and post pictures for family and friends to see what I’m doing. Most friends my age think it’s creepy, and don’t see the “point” lol. The women in my family are super excited, cause they are some what doll collectors (my Grandma used to have a “Doll Room”), and they know the value in what I’m doing. I don’t really care what others think, I was just wondering if anyone else gets the same response from family/friends. And what do you say, if anything? Thanks

I usually just laugh all the way to the bank

Honestly, I stopped caring what other people think a loooooong time ago. I reborn because I love it. That’s the point as far as I’m concerned.

QUOTE: “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” — Bernard Baruch

I think there are all kinds of people- some are “open-minded” and some aren’t. Artistic things are just that- and one person’s idea of beauty or worth is subjective. I do think that people who don’t appreciate something should maybe be classy enough to keep their comments to themselves however. I brought one of my babies to work and I’d say 85% reacted positively and I got maybe two off-colored comments- I think a combination of jealousy- almost when someone is pregnant- some gals get catty- and maybe they just don’t know what to say. One lady (who is generally closed- minded anyway) she asked me why I spend my money on dolls. Because I enjoy it and I do make a nice profit generally. She spends her money on jewelry and is retiring in a house they just built on a farm in middle of nowhere- but I would never dream of saying something so rude as to why are you building a house in a field in the desert 50 miles from the nearest grocery store taking care of your daughters animals on a farm when you are supposed to be relaxing and retiring?? Everyone spends their money on what they wish to. I know a lot of my coworkers don’t even have hobbies- all they talk about the next day is what TV show they watched- I would rather spend my time artistically.

My family is getting better about accepting what I do. I personally think that once anyone has an understanding of what goes into creating a reborn they have a greater respect for the art. I have gone to craft shows for about 5 years now solely for the purpose of education. I know that people here can’t afford a reborn, but at least they now have seen them and held them. Continue doing what you enjoy and eventually they will all get used to the idea.

Its fun to get a kick out of people who think its crazy or weird!
One time I was asked where I got the bodies (they then went on to say that they are Taxidermy Babies- yeah- seriously- and they werent joking when they said that they thought that!)
Have fun with your new hobby! I dont have anyone in real life who likes dolls but there are plenty of nice girls here who love dolls, so feel free to share with us any time!

My family (hubby, adult kids, and Cait) don’t really care what I do (although Cait and the neighbor boy says it just sounds creepy to say you dropped your head!) Only one person has been spooked by them (my older kids’ stepbrother - 22 years old) Most of my friends don’t understand but they think I’m a little different anyway! I haven’t shown them to very many strangers other than a few nurses at a nursing home when my friend was there. So I guess I’ve been lucky on not having negative reactions. As long as it doesn’t drive my family crazy, I don’t worry about the rest of them!

Reborning is the most fun I’ve ever had. Three years into it I still want to start another as soon as I finish one. You will hear comments from ‘I want one!’ to "They’re creepy’ and any number of others in between. When I do a doll show, I put up a pacemaker caution sign so no one who has one will pick up a baby with a pacifier. One woman stepped back when she came to my table. She said “These are creepy.” Then she saw the pacemaker sign and said “And they can KILL you, too!” I have to say it was VERY hard to keep a straight face. A year later it still makes me laugh. These people don’t get it-not the passion for it, the art form or the joy it brings to others. Most people like them and it’s been my experience that men are fascinated by them. Just do what you love until you don’t love it anymore. Have fun and don’t be concerned with other people’s opinions, unless, of course, they want to buy one. Jean

Maybe they just need to stop watching old Chucky movies