What do you pack with toddlers?

I am thinking that my big boy Wesley (Chanelle/DeLange) is too big to wrap in a blanket. I usually include a blanket with each baby I sell. What do you guys send instead of a blanket. A toy? a large bib? a pillow? I need ideas and suggestions. Thanks.
The suit I ordered from him came, and it is waaaaayyyy too big. So I’m looking at extra outfits to make up for it.
Wesley 1 013 compressed


I’d probably still wrap him in a blanket, just a bigger one. :slight_smile:


With my toddlers I include (the ones $400+) a character blanket example: frozen, Cars, Monster High), a brush/comb set, extra outfit…with my toddlers ($650+), I include: blanket, 2 extra outfits, brush/comb set, ruffle socks for girls, plain for boys, headband/hat, sippycup, and framed birth certificate! For the “budget toddlers”…I don’t include anything extra. Hopefully this can help you lol

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