What do you do when you get stuck?

I think I’m stuck on the one I’m working on now. 500 layers later, I’m still not happy, but am not sure what to do next. Or am I just a perfectionist who is never happy?
Wish I had a decent camera to post a pic. :confused:


You could try to upload from your cell phone (if you have a newer one)


Crappy cell phone pic. Quick explanation: Thought she was done, wasn’t happy. Added layers for two days and still am not happy.

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She looks ok. But when I magnify it there are lots of little black specks/fuzz showing up. :confused: Darn it. Is your cosmetic wedge dirty?

Other than the specks I think she looks fine. I personally would add a wash of burnt umber all over to kind of tie it all together.

I just magnified it too and :scream:. What in the ??? I just did a few burnt umburish washes and maybe I did grab a dirty sponge. And I can’t even see the fuzzies in person. Maybe new prescription for my glasses is in order. Hahaa. Oh well, one more play doll for my 3 year old.


I use babyfx.

I live in a dusty house with kids. I don’t get to paint much, and when I do, I’m usually being rushed by my 3 year old. My workspace is a total wreck at the moment, so guess it’s time to clean.

Just figured out the situation with the speckles… Was working on an ethnic a while back and left the sponges on my desk. Looked like the burnt umber sponge, so there it is. I’m so annoyed with myself right now.


The baby looks great!
You and I are in the same boat. My 3 year old baby girl wants my attention constantly.

Yes, @Renauta427, constantly!! I have a little table and chairs in my art room, which I used to have her sit at and play with stickers or her dollhouse. I used to be able to spend about 30 minutes to an hour a day painting. But for the past month or so, she’s gotten very needy. She wants me constantly and nothing other than mommy will do, so it’s a wash and run or no painting at all. When she goes to bed, I’m too tired lately… How do you paint?

Rosebud is stripped btw. I am too OCD to keep a baby with specks and fuzzies. :smile:

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And FYI, to those who wonder if babyfx is a durable paint… I stripped this baby and the lower layers that were cured still didn’t want to come off. No problem for me… less work to do.


Yes! Also she only cares if she sees I want to do something else, otherwise she could care less. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t laugh but to try and get as much done at a time as possible. I pop popcorn put on a kid movie (at the moment Tangled is her obsession) and I paint on her Minnie Mouse table, lol. I don’t have a craft room so I have to bring out and pack up my stuff each time.

That’s a bummer about stripping the baby. It was looking very nice, I loved the lips.


My little guy just turned 4. I go to bed when he does and get up early, 5am. That gives me two hours, then he gets an hour of PBS, score another hour. When my husband gets home he takes him for an hour after dinner, score another hour…

This is usually my work schedule but when I am in between projects it’s dolly time. On Fridays I stay up late alone after everyone is in bed, binge watch Netflix and paint or work. I have no social life!

I have my little guy do chores with me during the day and run errands. If we go to the park I bring lap work.

It’s hard with littles! Ya gotta get creative and give up sleep… Sigh…

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Yes, it’s hard! Especially because I’m a single parent now. Gotta try some of these tricks to occupy my child. She’s really active, so maybe running her around for a while first will help.

Maybe little Rosebud will turn out better this time around, who knows… I’m able to make nice dolls consistently now, just not amazing dolls. You know how you look at some people’s work and are like, “Wow, that is awesome,” yeah, I’ve never been able to say that about one of mine. Still looking for the wow factor and won’t be happy until I find it.

Man, I wish I lived near either one of you, then problem solved. Our kids could entertain each other while we paint. :joy:


That would be sweet!

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@AmandasBabies lets her little one paint her own baby.

Cant remember if it is Amanda who also said that they let the child use kid paint and paint the kit, then they wash it off when done and then start over next time…

That may be a way for you guys to entertain your Littles while you paint. :slight_smile:


Good idea

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Yep I use the cheap paint sets you get from the dollar store and let her go to town on her kit then when we are all done I wash it off let it dry and she gets a blank canvass to work on the next day haha.


He/She’s looking good so far. It may just be your camera but, I’d say add some shading around the nose (outer corners of nostrils, inside nose, the part under the nose but above the lips), around eyes ( eyelids, under eyes corners of eyes and across top bridge of nose). I think the shading would add a little color and like @jlesser mentioned a burnt umber wash would warm it up a bit :wink:

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I hate that feeling, just put her away where you can’t see her and go back in a few days. :blush:you may find what is bothering you.

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