What did you NOT buy on sale?

What did you NOT get on the sale and wish you did?

For example I wish June, Madison Awake, Laila Awake, and Ashley Asleep seconds we’re available.

What did you miss?


I missed Gemma and one of the asleep realborns -I think it was Ashley - both disappeared from my cart before I could check out :joy:It was ok lol I had too many anyway lol !




Zuri was taken right out of my cart before I could check out and Ashley asleep I missed too.

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I wish June was there


I missed out on Libby and The seconds Fei Yen :frowning:

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Ashley asleep was snagged right out of my cart. Lol. But I got Zuri and Rebecca. So I’m happy


I didn’t buy anything. I have more than enough kits to last for at least half of the rest of my life and I’m saving to go to ROSE. As cute as the kits are, right now I’d rather go to ROSE.


I wanted some belly plates. They were on sale last week. Then a few days ago the were gone. I figured, I would wait for the sale n get them. You snooze, you loose.

I have no kits and not going to Rose unfortunately so I had to shop. I really hoping I can sell some babies soon :slight_smile:

Good decision Jean!! We would rather have you at ROSE also!! I’m with you regarding the kits, I have WAY too many and I’m OLD so they are definitely going to outlast me!! LOL

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Paint faster, Lyn, FASTER!!

Just go to ROSE and you are going to buy kits there anyways …maybe some cute handmade dresses , baby shoes and maybe a doll or two :slight_smile:

I haven’t bought anything. I just ordered some supplies from Germany, and have some other kits I should do first. I don’t have enough room to store my kits now, I don’t think I should add more. :joy:
My doll funds are in the negative, unfortunately.
If I had the space and spending money, I’d go nuts, haha.

I only bought two kits, Emma and seconds Presley (which is a custom). I wanted about six more but am flying to see my son next week and wanted to have some spending money. There is a big doll shop in Chicago that I want to visit. I don’t think they have reborn supplies but have alot of other things doll related.

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Is the sale still going? I don’t see anything on the front page.

Yes, it’s until Friday. You have to click on the “Gallery” option on the top of the page.

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That’s Funny Jean, do you know how OLD I am??? LOL

There’s NO Such Thing as FASTER (on anything) at my age!!

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We’re painting here, Lynn, not running. LOL I’m a dinosaur too.

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Can’t wait to meet you at ROSE!! Make sure to wear a BB nametag so I know who you are!!

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