What did I do? Stripping changed color of vinyl

I’m working on my portrait Mick and I had a small mistake I wanted to fix. I used 91% rubbing alcohol to wipe the area clean. But then it took all the paint. I washed the area with water and dawn but when I got back to work, I realized the vinyl changed color. It looks almost neon orange. Does anyone know why this happened or how to fix it? I used golden acrylics and reborn fx for paints. I’m scared to strip the rest of the head in case it all turns neon. I will add pictures in the morning. Thank you for any help!

What did you use to strip?

She says 91% alcohol.

I didn’t know that would strip paint off a kit :thinking: yikes! I wonder if you went over it with Windsor and newton brush cleaner it would do anything or if the damage is done? I supposed you could paint with color correcting layers?

Its possible that the vinyl is stained if you used red early on and if maybe you didnt seal the vinyl? Usually alcohol wont discolor the vinyl. Next time, use water and make gentle circles around the problem. I use those little disposable eyeliner wands. If you use alcohol when the paint is not cured it will go down to the vinyl…especially one in such a high concentration.

Im the queen of screw ups so this is a subject Im pretty confident about LOL


try using less concentrated alcohol…if you can find it. I think the kind that the dollar tree had in spray bottles was 50% or maybe acetone-rub lightly. If you removed the paint down to vinyl, I’m afraid you will probably have to strip the whole head. you will spend more time trying to match that small spot to the rest and it wont’ look cohesive. If you do strip the whole head, use windsor. I follow with soft scrub cleanser.alternate and final wash with dawn.

I doubt it

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Lately I strip more than I finish LOL

It is not uncommon for acrylic paint to stain vinyl because the vinyl actually absorbs the paint pigments as it cures and becomes one with it. I have read that using W&N brush cleaner to strip is less likely to lead to staining as it strips better but I am not sure if that is the case or not. I use it and it has been years since I have had a kit stained. I don’t strip very often though.