What color is this?

Hi, it’s the newbie with the purple baby again :joy:
I followed you girls advice and bought professional air dry paint. Stripped the baby for the third time, and well… Here I am again, with a doll of an unspecified shade of red (?). I swear, I’m not going to buy an orange German kit ever again, it’s so hard for a newbie like me to neutralize all that orange!

Here are some pics of the legs with different lighting, parents say they look okay but the color looks really off IRL! You probably won’t be able to see what I mean in the pictures because the color looks decent there.

Am I seeing things? I’m going to have a really weird conversation with my therapist tomorrow lol. Anyways I should rest my brain for a bit, and belated Happy new year to everybody! :heart:

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Might be harder to see the true color on a blue work surface.

Yeah, I figured after I posted them.
This picture should be better (I also just noticed one leg is way paler than the other, yikes!)

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The one on the right looks good. The one on the left looks more yellow to me. If they match in real life, just keep going.

I am struggling with orange German vinyl now. I didn’t neutralize it, but that is ok, I could adjust the color. My problem that it just sacked in reds (which are totally disappearing after the bake) and only takes blues and greens :frowning: Now I am lost.

Don’t feel confused trying to neutralize the Orange German Vinyl we all have trouble with it!! Or maybe I shouldn’t speak for others but I’ll tell you the truth----I HATE ORANGE Vinyl, I can NEVER get it neutralized, it just SUCKS!!! I wound up making an AA baby out of a very orange kit cause I think I had put on a million layers of neutralize and it still was as orange as could be…SO I just went dark!!


I somehow managed to tone down the orange and reach a pale-ish color by adding layer and layers of thin flesh pink sometimes mixed with a tiny bit of blue or green. I’m not a professional so I might be doing it the wrong way, but it seems to be working for me

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I use air dry paints so it might be different but I try to get the skin as white-ish as possible before applying blushing, I’ve lost count of all the layers I’ve applied :sweat_smile:

Currently trying to match the colors without turning them chalky white! Hoping for the best