What color for neutralizing pale vinyl?

I have an Evangeline by LLE, and my Realborn Logan should be here by Saturday, Lord willing. Both kits are relatively pale, so I can’t use the color wheel, I don’t guess? I’ve seen a green wash, and a yellow/white wash for pale kits. Which is better?

I have been working on my Logan, and yes, he is pale. I just started as I normally do and added colors to my flesh color as I felt it necessary.


you could do ONE layer of burnt umber. only one.

Start with your veining, mottling, creases, etc. Then you can warm it up with burnt umber washes.

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If the vinyl is not too grey, too pink, too far any color away from the desired then I just start with the flesh tone. When you move to mottle and blushing you may then see you need to neutralize or tone down. You may want to warm, brighten, or soften. There are many uses and experimental washes. Play with it and have fun!