What body do you prefer 20 " baby

For some reason my search isnt coming up.
Question is… what body do you prefer for your 19 or 20 inch babies.and from what company

I like the Realborn bodies and the ones at Dolls By Sandie.

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Thanks im just not happy with what ive been getting with BB legs not positioned right to me huge fat backs and butts .I liked the bodies beginning of tbe yesr but last couple months idk.Must be the sculpts im picking

No, it’s the bodies. Because they’re made for, and recommended for, different size dolls, they just don’t fit right. The neck openings are too large and bunch up around the neck. Most of them are too wide for the smaller babies. The arms are set too far back and the leg openings are too far to the sides. When I spend as much time as I do on a doll I want a body that fits properly. They can be adjusted but when I pay for a body I don’t want to have to take it apart and remake it (which I have done and still wasn’t really happy with it). I might as well make it from scratch (which I have also done).

Ive thought of that too making some .but im so busy with dolls so far havent had time to try making bodies
I wasnt super happy with the body suggested for a Logan i did why i havent gotten the better bodies since.

I really like BB’s Realborn bodies. If I use their regular bodies, I take them in and add butt and chest gathers. Realborn bodies can be used without any modifications, though.

Amy i looked at realborn bodys Want one for a Meg i have.Couldnt find one i like all the legs were full Found one at dolls by Sandi higher but looks better to me .Hate the legs on sides of body too some have that looks weird.

This is a realborn style body with 3/4 leg… if that is what you were talking about (the top 2)

Ill try it Thanks Do you li ke this one?

It depends on the baby. It is slimmer than the regular bodies.

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