What baby to get next

I’m waiting on more needles to finish rooting the portrait baby of me for my mom, and I’m trying to decide which kit to get next, I’m thinking of twins a or b by Bonnie Brown, Saskia by Bonnie Brown, Liberty by LLE, or Josie awake by Ping Lau. Trying to figure out what would be a good seller, if there’s any other recommendations on what kits tend to sell well please tell me!

Rosalie tends to go very fast! Also Lanny by Olga Auer starts to be a community favorite. Both kits are sold out at the moment but they will be back. I feel like LouLou is a popular one too.

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Loulou, the Twins, Rosalie, Sansa, Corvin, Levi

Trouble chase loulou Levi Rosalie Romy Sam jack posy

Romy! I forgot about her. She is going to be a good seller, I can already tell. I wonder when she ships…I’ve had mine paid off for a while now.

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Last I heard mid May. At least that’s what was on the website. Since she’s German vinyl it says there shouldn’t be any delays…

Ha ha ha