What are your top 25 favorite kits?

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a top favorite kits post. I tried to narrow it down to my top 10, but it was impossible. I narrowed it down to my top 25, and even that was hard, there are so many gorgeous kits out there! My list is in no particular order except for the first 2. :smile:

What are your top 25 favorite kits? I cheated a little, so if you only want to list 10 kits, or 27 kits, that works too! :grin:

My favorites:

Mini Marley Marita Winters

Elijah Joanna Kazmierczak

Mindy Adrie Stoete

Jaylin Jorja Pigott

Leif Asleep Realborn

Anna Pat Moulton

Thomas Olga Auer

Blessing Marita Winters

Ryan Natalie Scholl

Kenzie Sandy Faber

Azalea Laura Lee Eagles

Kyle Pat Moulton

Harley Melody Hess

Harriet AK Kitagawa

Aria Asleep Realborn

Mumma’s Lil Monkey Bonnie Brown

Grace Ping Lau

Tinky Cindy Musgrove

Mavie Evelina Wosnjuk

Corbin Donna Lee

Josiah Laura Tuzio Ross

Salia Olga Auer

Zori Dawn McLeod

Sammie Adrie Stoete

Twins A & B Bonnie Brown


#1 Bibo by Luciana Miglioranzi
Any Romie Strydom silicone
Saoirse by Bonnie Brown
Ducklin by Adrie Stoete
Huxley by Andrea Arcello
Treasure by Marita Winters
Blessing by Marita Winters
Adele by Ping Lau
Louisa by Jannie De Lange
Edley by Elisa Marx
Ben Loui by Elisa Marx
Ivy by Elisa Marx
Annaliese by Dawn Murray McLeod
Imani by Adrie Stoete
Ducky by Bonnie Chyle
NoNo Huti baby
Ember by Tasha Edelholm
Ivy Jane by Melody Hess
James by Sandy Faber
Gabriella by Regina Swialkowski
Truly by Sherry Rawn
Esmee by Didi Jacobsen
Poppy by Romie Strydom
Maddie by Bonnie Brown
Arianna by Reva Schick
Noah sleeping by Reva Schick
Zori by Dawn Murray McLeod
…and so many more. The list goes on and on and on.


#1 always Estelle Wosjuk
#2 always Maizie Arcello- looks exactly like my son
#3 always Sabrina Schick- looks like my lost friend of the same name
#4 Angeli Marx
Bella Arcello
Zhenya Auer
Yannik Blick
Sally Brown
Saoirse Brown
Tink Brown
Pixie Brown
Flynn Eagles
Mathilda U. Gall
Sunny Kazmierczak
Frederike Klement
Lindea Legler
Tanya Legler
Baylor D. McLeod
Alasia Miller-Sands
Lyly Rose B. Morel
Harlow Ross
Lisa Scherer
Sienna Leigh Toner

I don’t have Saoirse. The others except for Tanya I have as kits and will maybe one day complete them. I never make babies for myself. When I make these I won’t be able to sell them most of them. They are my all time favorites.

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-Katie Marie by Ann Timmerman
-Luca by Ping Lau
-Shaya by Bonnie Sieben
-Luise by Karola Wegerich
-Dani by Linda Murray
-Maddie by Bonnie Brown
-Sanya by Gudrun Legler
-Emilia by Ping Lau
-Lola by Bonnie Sieben
-Kenzie by Sandy Faber
-Sofia by Ping Lau
-Leo by Sabine Altenkirch
-Nino Caré
-Willa Brace
-Samuel Brace
-Sebby Brace
-Ava Brace
-Miley Brace
-Marley Brace
-Remy Breedveld
-Silicone Phoenix
-Blessing by Marita Winters
And many more I can’t think of, but for sure my favorite sculptor is Cassie Brace

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Mine doesn’t have a particular order except that Twin A is my favorite…

:heart:Twin A by Bonnie Brown​:heart:
Katie Marie by Ann Timmerman
Mini Marley by Marita Winters
Realborn Johanna Awake
Tink by Bonnie Brown
Cammie by Ping Lau
Tinky by Cindy Musgrove
Journey by LLE
Realborn Leilani Yawning
Pebbles by Lianna Breedveld
Raven by Ping Lau
Tobias by LLE
Mini Yawns by Marita Winters
Mini Stephie by Marita Winters
Realborn Autumn
Willow Flower by Donna Rubert
Realborn Christopher
Realborn Priscilla
Realborn Kelsey
Realborn Michael
Realborn Jade Asleep
Realborn Laila Asleep
Realborn 7 month June Awake
Megan by Pat Moulton
Olive by Denise Pratt

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I wish I could find a Saoirse by Bonnie Brown at a reasonable price. I wasnt reborning yet when she came out, but im in love with that kit :disappointed:

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My top 25… in no particular order, although biggest faves are generally closer to the top! For the sake of my own sanity, I tried to limit myself to one favorite per sculptor, but there are two exceptions-- Phil Donnelly and Andrea Arcello each have two on this list.

  • Grayson by Bonnie Brown
  • Ryan by Natalie Scholl
  • Huxley by Andrea Arcello
  • Lyly Rose by Betty Morel
  • Quinlynn by Laura Lee Eagles
  • Ellis by Olga Auer
  • Coco by Natali Blick
  • Phoenix by Andrea Arcello
  • Gaige by Toby Morgan
  • Lil Yawn by Phil Donnelly
  • Lil Smile by Phil Donnelly
  • Asher by Donna Lee
  • Marcus by AK Kitagawa
  • Anthony by Laura Tuzio Ross
  • April by Joanna Kazmierczak
  • Cassie by Alicia Toner
  • Hattie by Cassie Brace
  • Benji by Marita Winters
  • Spark by Nikol Maris
  • Lisa by Linde Scherer
  • Mavie by Evelina Wosnjuk
  • Bruno by Karola Wegerich
  • Sawyer by Emily Jameson
  • Gus by Tina Kewy
  • Arya Sunshine by Jamie Lynn Powers
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