What are your "DREAM" kits?

Who are some of your ladies “Dream” kits??? a kit that you would love and dream about getting your hands on!!
I LOVED the cianne by romie strydom kit and found it for a good price so I just ordered it a couple days ago!!! soooooo excited!
Now im dreaming of the Joshua and Rebecca by Reva Schick and Andi by Linda Murray.

LeeLu Blick is my dream kit

Probably too many to count, but Reva Schick is one of my favorite artists (I have a Tatiana); Romy Strydom of course, and sooooooo many others like Anne Timmerman’s work - gosh hard question to answer

so cute huh

awww she is adorable!! it soooo hard not to buy every cute kit I see. I already have nine kits and have only made 2 so far!!! I’m going to try not to buy another kit till the new year (unless I see a really good deal of course!!!, its the deals that suck me in!!) also i showed a friend last night my Meg reborn and I got my first custom order!!! Im making one for her daughter for Christmas, the BB Kate kit!!!

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so cute huh

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SUNSHINE! Love her sweet little face - ltd to 600 though so chance of finding that one might be slim.

ok so i officially have a problem!! i just ordered another kit one minute ago!!! i found the Reese kit by Andrea Arcello for 40% off!! i had to get it and he has full limbs which im excited about!!!

Clayre by Romie…I have the kit.
Just feel need more a little bit experience to do my dream kit

Michelle Wasnjuk, Henrietta Swiaskowski, Angelica Schick, Camille Timmerman, Teagan Eagles, Ellis Kewy…just off the top of my head LOL

I have my “top shelf” kits…mommie’s sweetie, Bronwyn, Bluebell, Claire and Janine collection …also love Donofrio Fiona , Trinity. I love Krista Murray and Bethany. Of course Mother Stoete…esp. Lisa, Paris and Boelle and
Villanova’s Analisa, Mark and Bella…OK…better stop

Max Legler, and Keyden playdoll. The others I managed to get my paws on! They are Saoirse Brown, Sophia Madelina Brown, Krista and Bethany Murray. Saoirse will be a present for my mum because she looks like me when I was a baby Sophia Madelina is my forever doll, and Krista and Bethany will probably be, too, when I finish working on them.

I want a full silicon sculpt of my son and Carlee.

Elisa Marx is one of my favs, as well as Bonnie Brown.