WHAT a day.....grrrrrrrrrrr

Shipped her off this morning, so hoping for the best…we’ll see what happens!


I know she’s been shipped off and certainly hope for the best but this is exactly why I put the notation in my auction that the baby is being sold AS SHOWN and I will not change it in any way. My only exception is removing a magnet if it poses a health issue.

Let us know as soon as you hear from the crazy customer. :smiley:


She’ll be there on Tuesday, so hope to hear from her then!

GREAT IDEA, Cindy, on the AS SHOWN thing…I’ll be adding that to my auctions from now on.

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Good luck! I still never heard anything from the person that bought my “Molly”. No emails or feedback left.

Maybe next time lol.

Hope all goes well in your situation!



Thanks, Mandy ~ I’ll probably never hear from her again, either. Fine by me. Much better that than dealing with a refund…ugh…


Good luck, Karen. One good sign: she paid you right away.

She should have asked before bidding if you could increase the weight and what the cost would be. She might be a problem but she may just be nervous when she made the comment about hoping she chose the right baby. I have an account on ebay but have never bought anything there. I see lots of beautiful babies but have seen so many complaints in various forums, youtube and even TV shows about sellers ripping off buyers in so many ways that it’s scary.

Anyways, best of luck and let us know how it turns out.


Thanks, Bebe ~ I’m hopeful that the added weight and super-duper extra awesome box opening she’s in for will make her happy and if I ever hear from her again, maybe it’ll just be a nice little FB – or hey, even nothing is better than a complaint and a refund. :wink: I’ve got a good feeling about it because I did what she asked and hopefully I’ve dazzled her with my excellent customer service. LOL

I’ll be sure and post if I hear anything from her.


So absolutely know what you went through seeing the 0 FB…for me it is mostly panic and stress…lol (I have had good buyers that were 0 FB but…hmmmm there are others…)I have on my auction templates if you are 5 or less to email first. Had a 0 FB/signed that day come through and pull my Buy It Now auction and then tell me that she wanted to pay over the phone. I told her i could not accept phone payments as there was no way to verify that the account belonged to her, etc and that it was for her safety and mine…She then goes in and pulls a second auction that I was running and gives me and email asking can she ‘bathe the baby’ (listing stated it had doe suede body…hmmmm) I then asked her what age she was, if she was old enough to be on Ebay. She tells me she is 26. I tell her i need paypal or bank transfer…she disappears so I block her, relist both my dolls and she invents a new Ebay ID and comes through and pulls them again. Emails me and tells me she really wants them but she does not have the money…I had to tell her to please go away and never bid on my auctions again or I would have to get the 'Authorities" (good story…whoever they are…hahahaha) involved for harassment. I am a nice person but we all have limits. lol I sent through cancellation request and she did accept those so I got fees back but it still shows on your annual income that you had those sales because Ebay does not adjust them off your total. (Not very nice when you are turning in taxes on your sales…) so you have my full sympathy and I will keep my fingers crossed all goes well for you. She really has no grounds for return as the doll was as described…at least till you re-weighted her…heehee (Just teasing you there.) Keep us posted. Will be watching to see how this comes out…Best of Luck! PS, you have 'dazzled us with your excellent stories…love reading your post…heehee


Oh. My. GOSH! I am soooo sorry you had to deal with that crazy case…SURE LADY go ahead and bathe these babies and let me know what happens! :stuck_out_tongue: Geez. People truly are amazing, aren’t they!!! Glad you got her with those AUTHORITIES, though :smile: – whatever it takes!

I’m trying to just be calm and hope for the best in my case. Kind of hard not to think about it, so I’ve been keeping myself busy buying more baby clothes. :blush:


Shopping therapy is great! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Keep on shopping! :laughing:

I’m sure the exceptional box opening and stellar customer service will get her.

When doing taxes, if ebay does what was stated in a previous post, I would keep copies of all correspondence with ebay regarding the case and deduct it from my total manually. You can also prove it by showing the future sale of same item.