What a cheek!

Couple of weeks ago I bought few reborning needs, and as I was driving to the area, I decided to collect them. The lady was lovely, invited me in to see her dolls, and her beautiful work room. She lived in a magnificent old beautifully restored house, with large garden obviously kept by a gardener = definitely not poverty stricken people. So I paid cash. Last night I received a request to cancel the transaction! For god’s sake, it is only few dollars of eBay fees she is going to save! She has already saved on PP fees since I paid cash. I am absolutely furious, and feel quite insulted by her assumption that I will be complicit in her fraud.
The thing is, she is selling some stuff that I may want in future, so the question is just let it slide, or refuse the request?

Cali, I have my items, she has the cash; she does not want her items back, but as there is no proof that I paid, she requested for the transaction to be cancelled so she gets her FVF back.

If she says that you did not pay and she gets her fees back then YOU will be a non paying buyer on Ebay. It puts a hickey on your record not hers. I would say NO NO and NO way!

Fortunately, once she opened the “cancellation request” she cannot do NPB case.

I would say NO. It’s just not worth it to be apart of her need to save a few dollars.

If she has some things that you feel you may want in the future then you have to balance irritation vs. need.

Unfortunately, she has some things that nobody else seems to sell. But anyway, when I clicked on the respond button, I was told that the function is not available. Wonder if eBay caught on the small detail that I marked it as paid for and left FB? I believe that ebay is cracking down on such things.

This situation is exactly why ebay recommends that you pay through them. That way you have proof that you paid the amount that was agreed upon. Can’t see why she would sell you an item and then later ask for you to refund part of the amount. Once a deal is made on ebay, both parties have to accept the deal…so she just needs to make sure next time to start the bidding at the lowest amount she is willing to take. As for future deals, she will probably not block you since you may be the highest bidder or even only bidder. You saved her fees yet now she wants more. Just glad she didn’t mark you as unpaiid bidder. Never pay cash for ebay!