What a beautiful baby!


It is rare that I see a toddler baby that pulls my heart like this one does. She is so sweet!


She is so beautiful!!

This kit is so stinkin’ cute! I had her on preorder but changed my mind and let my deposit go. I’m not crazy about the vinyl on Ping Lau kits. I never have much luck getting the pant to take consistently. But Raya (and all of Ping’s kits) is adorable!

Wow!! She is beautiful!

The sculpt is awesome and she is so beautifully painted! I closed up on those eyebrows and hair - just Wow!

That Raya is amazing! I have her, but I’m intimidated to start. Lol. I kind of want to make a boy because I haven’t seen a boy Raya, but I tend to make all my babies as boys and I’m trying to get away from that.

I was admiring her too. She’s adorable. :heart_eyes:

Kelli maple bought Silvia’s prototype and made it a boy. Just too precious. Even better than as a girl(and I love girls)


Oooo, I’d like to see him!