"Wet" satin varnish

I read on a tutorial somewhere (can’t remember where) that the person applies the satin varnish and baked it right away while it was still “wet”, Has anyone ever done this and does it make a nicer finish? I think Matt or Satin gives the baby a rough texture so would baking it ‘wet’ make it smooth out more? But wouldn’t it smear it? Opinions please or actual results works too!

I’ve never heard of this. If you run across the tutorial again, post us a link. I’ve always heard to be very careful it has completely flashed off…hmm.

I certainly will do that.

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I remembered where it was when you asked! I probably never would have remembered it but thought “ok, what tutorials have I seen lately” and it is: Rachel Maynard;s Precious Little Babies? at the end it tells you to bake the satin sealer while it is WET, I don’t know how to post links, not computer literate, sorry.

Thanks, lynn.

Well, I went and looked the tutorial. She does say to bake it wet, but doesn’t say why. I have never seen anywhere else that anyone suggested this. It seems that by the time she got all the pieces covered, some of it would be dry anyway.

Do you suppose it kind of melts it into a softer finish?

It seems like it would smudge or stick to the towel if baked wet.

I’ve done it, it really doesn’t make a huge difference. From what I can tell it makes the skin a little less dry looking. But to me not a big change.

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nichole explains her reasoning for baking her final sealer in sections like she does is bc she wants to make sure the texture from the thick medium stays the way she dabbed it on with a brush and the only way to do that is to bake as soon as she gets each small section done. if u wait or take too long applying the sealer, then it flattens or smooths out a bit. which u would think as soon as it got hot enough from being in the oven that the raised medium would smooth out anyways. but i do remember reading that in her tutorial. i think she also props her limbs on a rolled up towel in the oven so that they are not touching anything or laying down on the bottom towel.

baking wet or before the medium has time to flash is for a dewy look. i asked this question on another forum and april from sweetiepie nursery answered me and said to bake when wet for a dewy look. also, ive used matte alone and satin alone. i get a rough texture with the matte but when i use satin, i get a nice textured look and it is not rough at all like the matte is.

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