We're So Excited for the ROSE Show this year!

Look at our cool advertisements that we are putting on 6 buses in Layton, Ut!

We have also had an advertisement on a van wrap since the end of January 2015!

We are so excited for this years ROSE show!



Emily, those are amazing! They make me even more excited than I already am!

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Is Realbornbaby.com different that Bountifulbaby.com???

Very nice! Now, send one of those buses to Pennsylvania to pick me up. LOL


It looks the same except the heading.

I couldn’t pull it up at all… weird… lol

Makes me want to go even more!! I wish I could!


OMG this is amazing !! I will keep an eye On the buses now !! I ll advertise the show on the Facebook local forums too !!
I am so luck to live in Layton / UT !!


It just went to the BB home page for me.

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Great advertisements!! :heart:

Those are wheelie cute! LOL

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I wish I was going! hoping one year I will so I can meet everyone! You guys have a blast and take tons of pictures!!


Love those ads!! Can’t wait to see and meet everyone. It is like literally 12 weeks until some of us fly there!!!

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I know when I see them I’ll look like an idiot jumping up and down and squealing !:joy:

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These are awesome, too bad they weren’t picking us up at the airport!!!


The web address Realbornbaby.com will currently bring you to Bountifulbaby.com. Two different names, that both direct you to our website.

@joyce_angel1 Thank you!

@MichelleP20 We used pictures of the real babies because they are future Realborns that have not been released yet. :slight_smile: Plus I’m kind of partial to the baby on the back of the van :wink: :heart:



Hmmmmm hints of things to come :wink:

I can’t wait!!!

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