Were do i go for a cloth body for a kit

I don’t know were to get a body for a kit that I don’t know the size to


What kit is it?

I don’t know I am painting it for someone else she got it off ebay

I don’t know it is off ebay I am painting it for someone else

is it easy to paint with air dry paints

it is still with the owner I get her on Monday after I am done with work

ok I will do you paint with air dry paint or with the heat paint

If it’s illegally produced Chinese knockoff from ebay, don’t paint it.
And if you never painted before I would practice on some other kits before I start a custom order, like @Amethyst advised you.

Air Dry pant is harder to paint with as they dry faster than Genesis and you need to be really comfortable with reborning to produce good results.


I have painted before and I am only getting 15.00 for it

The cloth body with shipment will cost you more tan $15.00.
And add cost of the glass beads (which are not cheap), poly-fil, zip ties…
Just saying…

I know what you mean I got the poly-fil from Walmart and the paint I tried to explain it to her but this is her first reborn so she thinks she knows everything

yes she is local

Maybe she could find a reborn already painted and ready to buy on Ebay or Reborns.com and you wouldn’t have to be involved? If you’ve never created one before, you’ll have to invest a lot of money to get the supplies you need to paint and put this one together and $15 will not begin to even cover the costs. Just trying to keep things simpler for you!


You guys make me feel a little better about my dolls. I have always used air dry. I did try the craft paints from Hobby Lobby (same as WalMart) and it ended up costing me a lot of money. Those paints are not pure, and a person has no idea what they are mixing. They results, I think, are far from being consistent. But, after that baby, I did buy WaterBorne paints that are formulated for reborning dolls. The reason you guys make me feel better is that I now know that my air dry paints have a much bigger learning curve than the heat set. So, I think I will do OK eventually. :slight_smile: