Well, this stinks

That moment that you realize you never ordered the cloth bodies for Harper and Maggie and they are ready to be assembled. Ughhhhh


I have done that before I was ready to assemble and realized I had ordered the wrong body. :cry:


The bad thing is I just made a huge order to BB - oh well - it is what it is.

This will be my first to do like this so no idea on the difficulty. I did preemie Max twice but he doesn’t require a cloth body. I hope it isn’t too hard to do.

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The neck one on Angel’s body was kinda a pain but I used Londyn’s head so that may have been different… but it is a challenge. After you are done cussing it out it will look great! :wink:


@princefam4life82 I used string ties at first, tied as tight as I could was holding baby and head came off so I buy the string bodies and take them out to use zip ties.


Ahh yes. That is why I try to order the bodies when I order the dolls.

But then you realize you bought an open eyed kit, have the body, but don’t have the eyes.

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Yes ive done it more than once then paid the $8 just to ship one body. ugh.

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Zip ties are easier and stronger, but just go ahead and buy the string tie body and then replace the string ties with zip ties. It’s easy and quick. Be sure to locate the zip ties with the small heads. I found them at the Dollar Tree, but ordering the ones from a doll shop is an option too.

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I bought some from dollar store CHEAP! but one broke when tightening it …so didnt use more on dolls for sale Ugh

I have only used BB zip ties. I have never found them anywhere else that are both thin enough and long enough. They are always one or the other.