Well that was short lived

The lady who wanted my Summer Rain has just backed out. I am a little annoyed because she could have told me sooner and didn’t. I could have already painted her hair and had her listed. It’s been a bummer of a day so far. :disappointed_relieved:

She is gorgeous I am sure the right person is out there for her!

I am sorry to hear this, I had a woman back out once, but a week later my doll sold for a higher price. Hang in there :wink:


@kate I know how you feel!!! I just had a customer back out of 2 customs !!! I made the mistake of NOT CHARGING A DEPOSIT. She bought another doll from me, and a previous custom. I trusted her to pay. One baby was supposed to leave last week, and the other this week after hair was rooted. After I sent her the invoice last week… She emailed to tell me her PayPal was hacked and her identity stolen. So… She says she refuses to buy ANYTHING online from now on. I told her I would accept a money order, even though I usually don’t. Never heard back. I feel your pain sister! I was really counting on that money, plus… I busted my butt to get her dolls done by her deadline​:weary: very frustrating!!! But… Best of luck getting yours listed and sold. :grinning::heart:️:kiss:


@Kate Sounds like you and I are having the same type of day… Hope things get better for you as the day moves on!

I know how you feel…:frowning: …can be very discouraging…then unexpectedly things turn around…that’s selling…!!..sometimes it really stinks…then you will sell 2 at once…!!

So sorry to hear that.

Aww I’m sorry to hear that ladies. I hate time wasters. @Kate if it makes you feel any better, your gift box was shipped this morning

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I’m so sorry, Kate! I hope your day gets better. :relaxed:

I’m sorry- I sure hope you get a new buyer soon!

Well, to reborns.com we go! Lol