Weird Thing---

Has anyone noticed-----when I am on the forum and I see the New and Unread topics they are followed by a number in parentheses. NOW if you go “create” a new topic and post it then the numbers that were available in the New and Unread column have changed!!! I have read on here that some of you miss posts and wonder why, maybe this is the reason. Check it out next time you create a new topic. Look at the numbers first and then see if they change after you post your new topic. It’s weird. I have to close the whole site, reopen it and they are all back again. Just wondered if anyone else noticed this or had it happen. Happens EVERY time so it’s not a fluke!!!


I miss stuff all the time…don’t know how it gets past me but maybe this is why…will have to take a look…thanks for the heads up Lynn.


You’re welcome, it doesn’t happen if you just reply to a post but when you Create a new one then it happens. Weird, I always shut the whole thing down and reopen the site and------yep, they’re all back!!

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