Weird comment!

Just told my daughter “Oh shoot, I just dropped my baby’s head on the floor!” She told me that is the weirdest thing I could ever say! Guess it does sound a little strange! She says it sounds freaky!

Everyone around my house is so used to parts on the counter top, parts in the oven, parts in the sink and yes,parts getting dropped and carried around. They don’t even respond anymore!!!


My family can’t get over the fact that I have to “bake” my babies! someone posted a picture of a baby (parts) coming out of the oven that I thought, under our circumstances, was hilarious!

Once my grandson said “Gramie can you just stop makin babies and feed me lunch !!” I almost peed my self -just kept thinking its a good thing he is home schooled -this would not go well in public school!!!

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I also work in an elementary school and it’s not uncommon as the children walk in with their parents in the morning to ask me, “Mrs. George, are you making any babies this week?”. I just love the look on the parents faces before I explain!

Thanks for making me laugh! Guess it would be hard for people to figure out some of the comments!