Weighting stinker kit

I am about to assemble my stinker kit. How heavy should i do the arms and legs and body. I am not going to put any weight in his head and I am using a pool floater to keep the head from falling forward. thinking of using wire in the arms also. should i only use small amount of weight in arms. just not sure. thanks in advance for any advice.

If you will be using armature I would only weight them to the wrists, that is only what I would do, others may suggest more.


Only add beads to the ankles and wrists. Any more puts too much stress on the arm and leg caps and can cause them to tear. Otherwise I personally would only add enough In the body to make him around 7or 8 pounds. You can also use a pool noodle run down in the body and up into the head for support and to keep his head from flopping.

Be sure and share pictures when you have him assembled.