Weighting Emilia

Hi, I am weighting Emilia by Natali Blick and was wondering if any of you ladies have completed this doll. It’s my first toddler doll and I’d like some advise please if you can help. I’ve used the tiny glass beads in her limbs but her legs seem to heavy for her body. I’d also like to use a Amature for her body but she has a spring joint at the top of her which prevents from using one. If anyone can help it would be much appriated.
Love reading all your topics and tutorials by you more advanced reborners they are so helpful so just like to say thank you for you all that share. :smile:

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I read on here somewhere to use about 3.5 pounds per inch in body length. So for a 20" doll it would be 20x3.5=70 pounds.
You’ll want about 1/2 of the total weight in the body, 1/4 in the limbs, with the legs being a bit heavier than the arms and 1/4 in the head.

Ounces, not pounds. Goodness. :joy:


Thank you, that’s very helpful. I’ll have to take some weight from her legs they seem far to heavy compared to the rest of her.

Lol I didn’t notice but I’m sure I would have once I started weighting :wink:


LOL - that would be one heavy baby! :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw a you tube video about weighting and filling a larger reborn but I can’t remember who it was or the title. It was really good because it showed a technique with the doll sitting and it ended up being able to sit steadily without an armature. Most of the heavy stuff goes in the bottom which is firmly packed…just like us. ha ha I did this with my Tibby, Cuddles, and Ladybug, and it worked.


Thank you I’ll have a look round you tube hopefully I will find it.

That’s what I do too…most of the weight goes into the torso in the bum area. I don’t like to make the limbs on the toddlers too heavy and I never put any weight into their heads. I figure older kids can hold their heads up and most people probably aren’t going to hold them and cuddle them anyway (the dolls ,that is). I only fill their limbs with the glass beads so the hands and the feet are weighted. The rest is polyester fiber fill. Make sure you put as much polyfill into the cloth body as you can. This will make it nice and firm.

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I’m going to re weight her. I filled her legs to the knee then fibre but she has such long legs and her arms to the elbow with the glass beads then fibre.
I’ve also read some ladies only use polly pellets and fibre in the limbs on the large toddler dolls as they keep them lighter and don’t do any damage to the vinyl. But I think I’ll go along with your method. Many thanks.