Weighting big babies and eyelashes?

My daughter and I are getting ready to weight my Kitten and her Stinker. Can someone guide me in this? Do you generally weight the head at all since we don’t want it to be floppy like little babies? How much should one these sizes weigh? What areas of the body do you put the nylon bags of beads and how much in each area? on babies, i have been halfway filling the limbs with beads and polyfil the rest of the way. Is that how I would do these big babies? I don’t want to weight them too much so that they aren’t a joy to hold or make them too bottom heavy.

Also what’s the best and easiest way to put on lashes? my other babies were closed eyed and I rooted them.

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And for the eyelashes, this is the best, IMHO. Using this method the tacky bit that holds the lashes on the plastic form is a GOOD thing, just make sure that there isn’t any on the actual lashes, the camera picks up everything and magnifies it.

http://theynevergrowupnursery.blogspot. … l.html?m=1

Follow it to the letter; let the gloss drop off, do not let any part of the brush with the drop touch the eye. Let it drop, be patient, let it drop. Yeah, I learned the hard way. What I love about this is that you don’t need to peel or pick the bit of sticky stuff off the lashes and it greatly helps in placing them and moving them into position. The finish will be beautiful and the lashes will be set very securely.

Sorry, but I have to really emphasize,:let - the - gloss - drop

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Your link to Debbie Henshaw’s blog is not coming up and if you allow Google to fix it for you, it just takes you to her blog in general. It had nothing to do with what you were describing…


GOT IT! I would have been too scared to try with it just being explained! I was a lil iffy about it, but the after results look AMAZING!!! Gonna try this on baby JEWEL that I’m working on now!

Thanks for the info! I have to finish a Kitten this weekend and this will help!