Weighing babies

Ok so i’ve decided one of the easiest things in reborning is not so easy after all! Weighing the body of Cuddles , Cookie, Stormy and Annie. I got the glass beads from harbor Freight and weighed Cookie’s limbs and head with them. My husband suprised me with these today, Stormy and Cuddles limbs and head were weighed with the glass beads from B.B. I used my remaining plastic pellets to weigh Stormy and Cuddles body. I used the glass beads from H.F. to weigh Cookie’s body. But i cant get her body to weigh heavy. I was told to use steel pellets. I have never used those before. Weighing these bigger babies are so much harder than the smaller babies. What am i doing wrong? First i made Stormys body wrong and then i had only enough doe suede to make two bodies so i made the other two out of white fleese. And tomorrow i,m stsrting on Annie. Then to top it off the doe suede had a bit of stretch to it so those two bodies are a bit chubbier. Ok i vented!

Thank-You Marlen so much. Now i know were i went wrong I only used one bag of glass in the body.

Karen, I use two in my babies, too. In the main body, I put one in the bottom and another at the top. I do use bbs. (steel pellets) I add them to the body sacks with my polypellets. It does make a difference. The limbs I do like Marlen, part glass beads and part polyfil. The heads on the toddlers I did not weight with much. Their heads are so big if you have too much, the head flops forward or backward.

Thanks all for your help. I’m off to walmart.