Weekend Extravaganza Sale on PARTS!... 60% OFF! While Supplies Last!

Parts, PARTS, PARTS!!! 60% OFF!

Sale is for the weekend only, and obviously “While Supplies Last”.

Mix and match to create your own UNIQUE kit!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Awesome. 2 kits for $51.

Poof! Mostly gone.

True. I just saw this. Oh well – I don’t need anymore kits.

I just saw this and there is nothing but some animal parts. Wondering if they will be updated as the weekend progresses?

Everything else is sold.

I got some great heads yesterday. I just happened to be checking the site to see if 3 year old June was available yet. Nope. She wasn’t. But these cheap heads were. They had several more. But I wanted to hurry and grab a few before they sold out.
Newborn Joseph asleep, Ashley asleep, and Canon :heart_eyes: