Wedge sponges

Has anyone every ordered the wedge sponges from Bb? I ordered the 100 count n I don’t like how they feel. They feel too soft n flimsy.

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Really? I always get the 100 count bag and they are my favorite, nice and firm and have the super thin side I like to use to get into creases and stuff. I love using these for my mottling wedges too bc they pluck great and hold the shape great as well.


I’ve ordered them in the past when I first started. I can’t remember how they were. I prefer sponges that are not porous and are firm and smaller. I think the Dollar General or Walmart brands are the best in my opinion. I hate sponges that get like really wet.

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These are not firm at all.

I don’t know if they switched up, but these are not firm at all. To me they are too soft. Feels like they would absorb too much liquids. Don’t seem like they wouldn’t hold up. These don’t have the pointy ends I like either. The single one is from cvs, jumbo size n are pointy. Not jumbo in my opinion.

They are soft but they don’t eat paint. At least the ones I have now. :heart:

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Those are not the kind bb send me!

I just ran to check my whole bag to make sure none of those squishy ones were in my bag and they are all the firm ones with the skinny edge! That’s weird, everytime I’ve ordered from bb I’ve gotten these type. If I got a huge bag of the ones you got, I’d probably never order them again!

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I haven’t opened them. Debating if it’s worth sending them back.