We rented a home! UPDATE

Hi ladies it’s been a while since I have posted anything on here regarding my situation since our home burned down on July 26 from the Carr fire here in Redding Ca. I again want to thank each and everyone of you ladies for the gifts of of love you sent me during my time of dispair. I had sunk into a deep depression due to my situation and was only able to paint one baby. We were living in a 5th wheel and there was no room to reborn and my hubby noticed I was getting worse with my depression so he decided to rent a house in which had lifted my spirits. I now have a place to reborn. I have room and I have a beautiful home until mine is rebuilt. We are breaking ground by next Friday for foundation. And I’m so excited for that and I’m starting a new baby I’ll post pics. Again THANK YOU ladies for ALL your kindness. And as I said before if you sent me an item to help me start reborning. Please please send me a request on Facebook my name on Facebook is: Cissy Holland Rich. I would love to be your friend and you can follow all my progress. Thanks ladies


Great news. Slowly everything will get back in its place. Will take time . You have a loving family and that is all it’s metter. You will build a beautiful house and will make it a cozy home .
Keep strong . And reborning dose helps with depression. Keeps the focus away from hard tings even is for a short time but gives the brain a break .
I sent a f I end request on Facebook l


I’m so happy for you. The fires this year have been very traumatic and something none of us who experienced them will ever get over. I hope your permanent home gets rebuilt quickly. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


So happy for you, Cissy! Glad to hear that things are coming together for you. :heart:

So happy to hear this wonderful news!

I had to become your fb friend to comment on your post. Do you make and sale Christmas stockings?

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Yes I do.thank you ladies this has been the best group of people.

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I’d love to see them, I do not have FB! Can you post a couple?

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As everyone knows the Carr fire was bad, and now we have the camp fire which is only 45 mins to an hour from my home. My home burned on a Thursday and paradise burned down on a Thursday so you can imagine the heart break and flashbacks I have been having. As I watched the news and cried with those people I prayed and asked what can I do. I feel I needed to do something. I saw a pic of a pacifier from the camp fire that was burned and I cried so hard over that little burnt pacie. Then a voice inside me said “ you need to make receiving blankets” for new horns and expectant mothers of the camp fire. So ladies I’m finally giving back and it feels soooo good. I am making receiving blankets. So far I have made 48 and I have tons of fabric to make tons more. Here’s a pic of my first batch. I’m so excited to be giving these to the people that need them. Oh one more thing I contacted a donation center and the lady on the phone said “ thank you Jesus because no one has thought of donating tons of receiving blankets. They are getting everything but that.” Here’s my pic of the first batch



Helping them is a good thing for both you and them God Bless


Awesome idea !! Continued prayers for all affected by these fires !!:heart:️:pray:

I was in the store yesterday looking for some, yours are so adorable and needed. What a beautiful way to give back!

God will bless you for this.

Hi everyone it’s jsmommy I’m back. Whew what a year I have had. But all things aside I’ve started up again and here is a baby I’m currently working on. It’s Presley!! With all the moving and Christmas and trying to get life back to somewhat normal. I can’t remember who sent him to me. But here he is!! I’m still working on him I just wanted to give you guys an update.


Looking beautiful! One of the best sculpts ever!!!

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Yay! He’s looking great!

Awesome! God found you to fill the gap! How awesome! I love your idea, and I love your pile of blankets!

Coming a long nicely.

Hi everyone I just finished rooting Lucy. Course I’ve renamed her Lucas. But this is only the second time I’ve ever rooted and I’m loving it. He looks so stinking cute. My rooting will only get better