We need your input!

Hi Ladies
We are setting up the monthly baby pagents and would like to know if you all think that it would be best to have two divisions a novice and professional or just one class for all-please let us know how you feel about this so we can get the final bugs worked out and be ready to start in feb for our March Pagent !!! Also let use know if YOU would plan to partisapate as often as you can

Hmm I am gonna get back to you ad let you know I am not sure

Hey Cher. I think there should be two divisions. The funny thing is…there are gals who just started and they have made as many dolls as some others who’ve been at this for years…because they are obsessed and addicted. BUT it’s only fair to the true newbie if they have their own division. What will you call professional? Will it be by length of time…or number of babies sold…??? Will we place ourselves in the appropriate section? Will the participants have to have history with the forum so they wont’ be considered a ‘ringer’ …just here for the win??? I think there needs to be history and we have to be familiar with their work. That alone puts everyone on a pretty even playing field. **WOW good for you all **to take this on. Contests are alot of fun. I will participate as often as I can and/or have a baby that works for the theme. usually if not every month…every other month.

We do have some “rules” to present that I think are fair. We have some fun themes coming, too. The two divisions we are looking at are Novice and Advanced. You would put yourself in the category where you feel you are. If someone is unsure, they can pm one of us and we will make a suggestion to help you decide which category you might fare better.

This will be a great opportunity to acknowledge the work of those on the forum and what a great way to do that.

Marlen, there is no “judging”, it will only be members voting.

I would consider myself Novice since my hair rooting needs to improve compaired to others that have been reborning alot longer than me. I’ve only been doing reborning for 2 years.

Yes this sounds fun maye people who have been at it for a few years or less novice like 2 years or less? Not sure. Can’t wait to hear more details!

I am definitely a novice and would love to participate occasionally. I will abide by whatever rules & divisions agreed to and look forward to seeing some unique and individual works of art! And a big thank you to all who are working so hard to put this together. That is a job unto itself!

Well I think that two divisions is the general thought -We will not be awarding PRIZES

I will participate as much as possible. I am definitely a newbie. I am taking some classes soon that will help me improve my skills.

Cher, if there is gonna be a logo, can there be two? One special one for the winner and a B.B. one for the others? On another forum when you complete a class you get a logo. I know this is different but everyone will be putting in alot of work.

We will be using a logo that is specific to BB and it will state the name of the contest won and the date. Each month the logo will just have different “decorations” to go with the theme, but the basic picture will always be the same.

I agree there should be two divisions. I really don’t see myself as an “advanced” member, and besides, I’m too new here. I’d love to enter and “compete”, though

I love this idea! And it’s sooooo reassuring to have 2 divisions; as a newbie, though I love my first baby, he wouldn’t look too loveable alongside some babies that could be second or third generations of children by now! I adore the babies on ebay that sell for big buckaroos, and hope someday the quality of my work will half-way approach what I’ve seen. So I say, let’s do it! newbie boo-boos, scorched heads and all!

I think this sounds great. It gives reborners something to work towards as far as improving their work. I would participate too.

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I would like to join in were do we send picture and when do we send them

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Please take a look at the post “Monthly Baby Pageant Information and Rules” in the Bountiful Baby Talk section - this will give you all the ins and outs of the contest.

Thanks for asking!