We All have one.. what's yours?

So there’s so many beautiful babies in this world and community. U ever wish u saw a reborn but it was to late(sold) ? Or looked up reference pictures and came across a beautiful baby? What’s your favorite reborn that you don’t own but wish u did? Here’s mine!


She is a gorgeous goober!!

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And Jaqueline Kramer!



Saskia is my favorite kit. Think I’ll buy three before they are sold out


She is mine too! I wish I could afford more kits of her. I have one on the way now. I’m so exciteddddd!

Oh nice. Hope u show a picture once u reborn her

For sure! She will be my keeper baby. I have never kept a reborn yet, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to part with her.

I keep looking at that biracial one and melting! I might just have to order ONE more so I can do both Caucasian and biracial!! :heart_eyes:

Ha. That’s my plan too. I wanna do an ethnic and Caucasian saskia. Pretty sure both will be my keepers for a while the third one I will sell

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Can I have more than one??
Any baby by: Kris C from The Dainty Loft, Evon Nather, Sam’s Reborn Nursery
This cutie patootie… Reborn Dolls Playsets for Sale - New & Used Lifelike Dolls - eBay
And this prototype by Sam’s Reborn Nursery

And so many freaking more… LOL I have a problem, I know… :sweat:
But that’s okay, they’re too adorable to not be on my list. :yum:


Perfectly precious! I started this thread and almost chose 3 it’s so many beauties to choose from

Jamina, I love the way she looks - any ethnicity!


I’ve seen all those babies before the last one is my favorite her sad little face

They’re all the same kit, I think. Just different shading/coloring. Isn’t it neat how different colors and shading methods can make the same kit look so different?


Wow!! I’m just noticing this is such an art. It’s really crazy how babies are brought to “life” with paint

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Silvia’s Maizie caught my heart. :heartpulse:


I cant pick just one but if I could afford these I would be happy with anyof them. I do not want the blank kit though I would want these exact dolls


OMG, YES!!! I’d love to have this Romie baby…or any of hers, really.


Me too out of all of them she is my favorite “Lennox”. Her eyes just light up!

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