Watermark programs

After having my photos stolen and people trying to sell my babies as their own, I’ve been watermarking. Just to help anyone out,there are several free watermarking apps,and programs for free. They will do batch photos,so you don’t have to do them one at a time😃.
Just Google free watermarking programs,choose which one best fits your liking. Or type in search on your app store.


Are there any that you would recommend? I’m always afraid of getting a virus by downloading software. Are there some available that you don’t have to download?

This is a great idea. It is so annoying to see pics of our babies being used to advertise someone else’s custom work or to have them actually claim to have them for sale.

If you have looked at and researched different programs could you share which one you settled on. It may save some of us a lot of grief…at least those of us that aren’t so tech savvy. :wink:

UMark is a good one. You can buy it or download free version. Watermarks for Android I have also used on the go using my tablet.


thanks!! I’ll be checking that one out! :smile:

Don’t spend money on watermark programs. Use the free ones. Sadly watermark doesn’t protect your photo. There’s always some one who will remove them.