WaterBorne Ultra Matte Sealer

Has anyone used this? Is it nice and matte? Can it be used over GHSPs?


I use the WaterBorne paint system, so I have used it I am sure. I have had no problems. I cannot say if it can be used over heat set paints. The WaterBorne paints have been especially formulated for air dry painters. They are very good paints. I love them. But, I have never used heat set so cannot comment on that. Hope someone who knows will hop on here and let you know.

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I used the earlier version of WaterBorne paints, and am glad she has developed a sealer to go with them. There was only Glass and Tile Medium back then.

I also have the Glass and Tile Medium. I had never been able to get in stores locally and I wanted to know more about it. :slight_smile: You know how we are – wanting to experiment. :slight_smile:

Have you tried it? I never liked it much. It was hard to get it to go on evenly.