Washing kits

Not sure how helpful this share is but…

I wash kits because when I started someone told my I should. I don’t scrub babies or let them soak all night. I simply hand wash them simply in a tub of hot soapy water (dawn) and let them air dry. Not a whole lotta effort.

I usually use a big rubbermaid tub but yesterday I was using it for something else so I washed my kits in my sink for the first time. I did wash my sink well first to make sure there were no oils or residue that would get transferred onto the kits.

I have a double resin sink, it is a deep charcoal grey. Not sure why I bought it, it was just pretty at the time and looked a little like a soapstone, not happy with the choice 13 years later.

I filled the sink up with water and soap and dropped all five kits in (a mix of different vinyl from different suppliers) washed, rinsed and drained. I woke up this morning and there is a" bathtub ring" in my sink ( and not a cat in the hat anywhere ) that I am having a really hard time removing. It looks like it etched my sink? I am only noticing it because my sink is this very dark color and because of the material my sink is made out of.

  1. Washing this vinyl does do something to those kits does make some kind of difference.
  2. Dawn is a bad-a**
  3. I wouldn’t wash your babies in a tub your kids bath in or in a sink you use for food and dishes, just in case. What ever that stuff is it won’t come off, it looks like soap scum (powdery white) but it’s not coming off easily. You don’t want that on or in your body.

Just a share, just in case.


Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in a very small area.


I wash my kits the way you do, but in my bathroom sink (I am the only one using it). It’s white so I didn’t notice anything like that.
But, in my previous house, I washed them in my kitchen stainless sink and didn’t see anything like that either.
So, maybe the material of your sink react with the soap or the oil on the vinyl some way ?


I never submerge parts…I always worry about the inside not getting completely dry…even though I’m sure baking would dry them out…I’m just weird🤦‍♀️

I hand wash each limb and the head holding under the faucet so that no water goes into the opening.
I put dawn into my hand and rub the limb well with my soapy hand and then rinse in warm water.

That’s it…never had a problem yet…knock on wood😁


If you watched ‘Reborn With Me’ tutorials, she doesn’t wash them inside either, but for the different reason - the oil that left unwashed inside will prevent vinyl to not over dry and crack over time.

I don’t remember if I washed inside of Sara Sanchis, but that vinyl leeked oils like it’s no tomorrow even after 2 varnishes. I added 3rd coat and even up to this day I am wondering how it behaves. I didn’t hear any complains from her mom, though.


I do not submerge them but I like to fill the sink with soap and water. I rince the parts in running water after.


Thanks for letting us know, Gina ~ never had that happen. I wash mine the same way @cherielynn09 Cherie does; I don’t submerge the parts.


I have always submerged my parts in hot soapy water and let them soak several hours. Never had a kit crack or split yet from drying out. I use air dry so maybe that is why. From heat setting yes, but not from washing. I think the heat setting dries them out more than anything.


I have stainless steal sinks in the kitchen, too, and I have never seen anything like that.


What the heck @Gabriell thanks for that info. I submerge mine in a plastic bucket of hot soapy dawn water, clean them with a brush and toothbrush, they sit till I get to them. Then I rinse in hot water too. I use Air Dry.

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So, I have a “white” plastic…ish sink that is scratched and stained grey…ish. I don’t submerge my vinyl either. Funny thing though, I washed about 9 kits back to back and I got that same weird stuff on my sink and the dark counter tops around it. I use a produce cleaning brush to scrub my kits. I’m guessing the big water mess I made carried whatever was on the kits to the counter. If I didn’t wash a bunch all at once, I likely would have never noticed. I figured it was just some kind of release agent or machine oil. I wonder what it actually is now.


Could it be that they use a silicone release on the molds, and some of the silicate comes off when washing? I’m just thinking of when using a silicone based dry lubricant on doors or locks, I get the same kind of residue on the frames of I’m not careful with my aim.


-possibly, it still has not come off, it is very light residue now.

Did you try a vinegar and baking soda.scrub? Maybe that will.work!!


I didn’t, I will, thanks.

I hope you get it off your sink Gina. I submerge mine (hot soapy water) and wash, rinse and let dry on a towel. I don’t allow them to soak. I’ve heard of some putting the kits in their dishwasher or clothes washer. No way will I do that. Who knows what’s on them :sweat_smile:

I wash my kits in my kitchen sink. Always have. Never had an issue or noticed anything unusual

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Well we see we are all right!

OMGosh, here we go again Cherie------I wash the exact same way!! NO water inside my limbs at all BUT I do wash the inside of the head with dawn to remove oil as I want the glue to stick after rooting hair. I also leave to air dry (usually overnight).

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You n me are so much alike its kind of scary in a neat way…“sis” :hugs: