Was there a contest? LOL

***We needed to have Anna done WHEN??? LOL!
I finally got her ready for photos…took me long enough, right??? Thought you might like to take a peek at her anyway.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … 0842583008

Your so silly Karen !!! LOL Your baby is adorable and worth the wait !!! Sucks to go over due thou !!!LOL

 Yep, sure does, Cher!  Happened with both my real babies, too.  One was 19 days over and the other one was 10 days....finally had to use dynamite to get them outta there.  Hey, it worked!    

— Begin quote from “New Beginnings”

BEAUTIFUL BABY! Best of luck on her sell.

— End quote

Thanks so much!

Thanks, Marlen! Yes, Ebay is tricky, to say the least…I feel like I have to keep plugging away, though. Sure can’t keep all the babies I make, so hopefully they’ll find moms.

Karen you are so funny -almost made me P!!! LOLI hope you posted those feet on Kimomax’s thread best foot forward cuz they are way to cute !!!

Hi, your babies sure are cute. I love the way you posed them. You really have a talent for reborning and showcasing them. Best of luck on their sales. I posted my Anna on etsy and reborns.com and skipped ebay this time around. And to my surprise she sold on etsy. I really was surprised because it usually takes along time to sell there. I prefer etsy because the selling fee is so reasonable compared to ebay.

Your Anna turned out really cute. I also like Precious Gift. Best of luck on both auctions.