Was i just too slow? :)

This afternoon I got an email from BB that Ladybug was back in stock.
I click on it this evening (about 4 hours later) and it says its out of stock.
Did all that were available get sold that quickly? I was just too slow?
Maybe I’ve got to be quicker next time!!

They have seconds in stock if youre interested

So far, I’ve only been ordering seconds since I’m just learning still. I have a hard time usually finding the defect on most pieces. Sort of a puzzle challenge to find the hidden _____ ! A few have had more obvious defects but only one piece so far has had a black speck I couldn’t get covered. I should have made it a mole but made it a little sore spot/scratch instead. Maybe someday I will feel like I can afford to make and sell a perfect kit but for now, I’m having fun with the seconds with the added bonus of being able to afford twice as many!

Thank you everyone! I went ahead and ordered one of the seconds.

And also as an FYI, if you have an item in your shopping cart at a sale price, and the price increases overnight before you finish your transaction, your shopping cart will show the higher price.