Warning on Celeste ebay listing

I was just informed by someone that there was a listing on ebay where someone was using my pictures of Celeste in their listing. The 1st picture isn’t even Celeste, but the other pictures are in which 2 of them are mine. There are other Celeste pictures, so please check to make sure that they do not belong to anyone here. If they do please report it.


You did report it to eBay, didn’t you? You should also contact the seller and tell them to take your photos off.


Personally I would contact this person, and let them know they did not have permission to use “MY” photos, and that I was going to report them to ebay. I had someone 2 yrs ago use my photos to resell a special order that they said they absolutely loved when they received the reborn, and 1 week later there it was on ebay, and using most of my photos, and asking more that they had paid. This person ask me to please make it extra special because she couldn’t have children, so I really out did myself. Later I found out that she had a couple accounts on ebay, and had done this to other reborners.


The auction is no longer active…so I’m assuming she pulled it? She does have another baby listed tho…an AA baby!


I’ve had people use my pictures on Ebay before and I called Ebay & reported them and both times the auctions were removed. That’s when I started putting my “Karen’s Kreations” on all my pictures, and it still happened again – only the lady cropped my name off. Grrrrrrr…

Now I list my Ebay babies through Seller Sourcebook; it’s $8/month. Pictures can’t be copied off my auctions.


Morning Karen! I went on ebay to find out about the seller resourcebook, you mentioned and could not
find anything? How do I do this?
Thanks Eve

She supposedly has 14 years experience. And did you all know I’m Picasso? :grinning:

I found reading her listing difficult. She rarely used punctuation and there were a lot of mistakes. The listing has ended, but the pics are still there. Shouldn’t ebay remove your pics from the listing?

You know, when we have challenges on here and can’t watermark our photos, we leave them wide open to copying easily. She might have taken some from here.

And it’s pretty silly that she didn’t realize one of her stolen pics is not the right doll. She sure knew how to pick the pretty photos, though.

I’m sorry this happened to you.

[quote=“annalane58, post:3, topic:29708”]
I had someone 2 yrs ago use my photos to resell a special order that they said they absolutely loved when they received the reborn, and 1 week later there it was on ebay, and using most of my photos, and asking more that they had paid.
[/quote] @annalane58 That wasn’t very nice of her, using sympathy to try to get higher caliber dolls so she could make a profit. Sorry that happened to you.

I do have a question, though: Do all reborners consider it a no-no for a client to re-use the pics the reborner took of the doll? I’ve never used anyone else’s photos to sell something, but I wasn’t thinking of clients posting photos of dolls I’ve sold them. I guess I have photographer’s rights (copyright) to the pics and they aren’t allowed to use them, legally? What if I provided them with the pics voluntarily (without the consent to use them to resell)? Like if they ask for more pics when you have a listing and you email them close ups, etc.? Or supplied photos of the doll you sold them? Legally, are they in the wrong if they post my photos, now that they own the doll, or did I basically give my rights away?
I don’t mean in a case that they would pretend it is them that made it (which I assume is illegal) but one where they buy the doll and want to resell in the future and use my pics to post the item? I can see how using the pics the reborner took would be easier for them. Legally, can we stop them? What a headache.

Oh my goodness! Have you repirted it yet? That’s terrible

I read it too and thought it was humorous when she said that reborning was a family thing passed down from her grandmother (she must have a young grand as reborning only came into existence around 1998 or 1999…hahaha. I am half suspecting it may have been a kid doing the listing judging from the way it was worded - bad english, no punctuation, misspelling, pictures of half a dozen different dolls supposing to be the same one and the immature lies and lack of knowledge about the industry…Making up a false ID as their user name was a 0 feedback…

It is annoying having your pics used…I have had to report to ebay several times over the years and they do make them pull them - well actually Ebay had to pull the auctions on a couple…I sent though my pictures to prove they were my photographs, etc and the auctions were down within 12 hours…


Yes I did report this listing as soon as I was contacted and confirmed they were using my pictures. A very nice lady sent me a message on my listing informing me that she was looking for a reborn on ebay and came across this other listing and decided to let me know about it. She was worried about causing trouble, but I informed her that she was not causing problems and I wish there was more honest people like her.
I haven’t been on here lately because I am working on a genealogy project that is taking up a lot of my time, but I had to let everyone here know about this scam.


Hi @evelyn :wave:

Here is the link to seller sourcebook:


And @MichelleP20, you are so SWEET; I love you! :heart: But yeah, you’re right about screen shots, of course, the watermark just makes them have to work a little harder when they have to crop out the name of the artist, unless we all start putting our names across the babies somehow. I guess they’d still find a way, though. Thieves and liars always seem to find a way. :imp:

@bebe ~ once someone buys one of my babies they can do whatever they want with it. If they want to sell it, I’d appreciate them asking if they could use my pictures but legally I don’t think there’s anything I can do to stop them. I’ve seen my dolls for sale a couple of times and both times, the people took their own pics for the auctions. My brother-in-law is an attorney and he told me that by putting my name on my pictures it would serve as my copyright, BUT he never told me anything about the legality of someone using my pics. :confused:


@kareninflorida Thanks for your input. I wonder how it works because if I’m in Quebec, which has its own Civil Code apart from Canada, I’m guessing the laws are different from here to the rest of Canada to the USA.
I do think that in the US, if someone uses your copyrighted pics you can sue, but sometimes that would be like getting water from a stone as even if you won your case you might not be able to collect from them, although it would get your point across. And the trouble it would be to do so deters most from attempting it, unless they are big business. Most reborners aren’t and the cost and bother would discourage them from trying.
Also, since the web is international, whose laws are we using if someone steals, let’s say my Quebec based photos, and uses them to sell in the US? Or anywhere else for that matter?
What a headache. WHY can’t people just be honest? Sigh.


I agree 100% ~ very well said @bebe. Such shame we have to even think about things like this; we just want to make babies!

You hit the nail on the head, though, because trying to bring a lawsuit against someone for copyright infringement would be futile. Cases are stacked to the ceilings as it is, so a case even making it to court would probably take years and as you said, even winning a case wouldn’t mean you’d be able to collect.

Yes, life would certainly be easier all the way around if people were honest.


Copyright laws are I believe quite uniform through the world. Basically, the copyright automatically belongs to the photographer, and is valid for a long time, something like X number of years (decades) after his/hers death. Before internet that was easy, the photographer had the negatives. Now, it is advisable to put watermark when publishing photos.

Personally, if somebody re-sells my doll, I would be happy to let them use my photos IF they ask.

But selling something that they obviously do not have is just a fraud, pure and simple.

@kareninflorida of-course, you are right, we might have the legal right but going after somebody would be totally futile unless you are a multi national company with whole pack of barristers. But you can always threaten them :slight_smile:



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That would be a concern, but that has nothing to do with the original artist. Unless the buyer actually repainted the doll, and use your name to sell it. I suspect that it is more that people are not good at taking really lovely pictures of reborns. I am a pretty good photographer; have been doing it all my life, my father was an enthusiastic amateur, and we had a dark room at home. But it took me a while before I produced pics of my dolls that I was reasonably happy with.