WARNING: Cindy from RDK is at it again!

Cindy Kohlscheen (sp?) from RDK (reborndollkits.com) is at it again. This time she has created a new web site combining the names of Simply Reborn and Irrisistables to fool people into thinking that you are actually dealing with a reputable company. Do not be fooled! She will take your money but not ship your items. On the off chance that you are one of the lucky ones that actually does receive their purchase, it will take her FOREVER to send it to you. Esther, from Irrisistables, asked that someone post this on the BB forum hoping that no one gets taken in by her.

This is Esther’s response:
*It has been brought to my attention that a web-site has popped up offering a doll kit named Faith that is appearing to come from http://www.irresistables.com. We are aware of this and know who the person is and are taking the appropriate actions. We are in NO way shape or form affiliated with this web-site. The domain name was registered last night and is registered anonymously with a company that files the domain name under their business name therefore keeping the registrants name anonymous. It is set up so that there are no contact names, no phone numbers, no addresses and the person behind this does not acknowledge who the artist is. We have all seen this before.

I am available at itsirresistables@aol.com to answer any questions but please, pass on the word to be leary of this and understand that it is NOT irresistables.com

Those of you have received an e-mail from http://www.simplyirresistiblerebornkits.com be aware that it is NOT “irresistables.com

Thank you for all of your support and inquiries,

Esther McAskill

This has been confirmed, although she continues her lies trying to claim she was given the mailing list and is not the same person.

As a rule of thumb, if a company does not list their company information somewhere on their website, its a good chance its a scam or they are not reputable. If anything, when they registered their domain, they would not make the information private if they had nothing to hide.

The people who are either answering the questions or are co-owners etc are from two different countries. One of the wordings is definitely American…the other one is definitely British or Australian…I really think British more. so this will be interesting to see how it develops.
I really do not like the baby that is for sale on the site…so will be interested to see what else they will have for sale in the future.
I find the play on names to be circumspect. I have given every benefit of the doubt to RDK, I have had no issue with them. But, if in fact this is them, then I take great issue with a name that holds such an unmarred if expensive, reputation and combining it with one that has such a bad history. When I saw that I thought…oops…I think there are laws about names that are that blatantly stolen, but I may be wrong.
I wish everyone well…I just require upfront honesty in dealing with me.

i saw this last night and im tempted to order the kit but wanted to know what others thought about it (the kit) i placed two orders with rdk last spring … i recived both orders there where 8 kits for $120. two of the kits where not the kits i ordered but i resold them blank for a profit… did anyone order last year and not get there order or get riped off? im waiting for rdk to reopen again but unsure if i sould risk it a third time… i think the kit is realy cute but my husband disagrees

— Begin quote from “josdoll”

I bought from this company in December and had no problem with my order, received it in less then 2 weeks and very nice kits. when you pay with paypal if there’s a problem you always get your money back, so no need to worry.

— End quote

Unless you ordered it December 30th, I don’t believe you. This particular site was just created December 30, 2010.

— Begin quote from ____

Registered Through GoDaddy.com, Inc. Domain Name: simplyirresistiblerebornkits.com Created on: 2010-12-30 02:53:36

— End quote

And if you did order then, you could not have received it already.

— Begin quote from “josdoll”

I bought from this company in December and had no problem with my order, received it in less then 2 weeks and very nice kits. when you pay with paypal if there’s a problem you always get your money back, so no need to worry.

— End quote

josdoll -

I don’t understand… Unless I am really confused, you could not use PayPal to pay under RDK and Bundles of Joy Babies already stated, if you ordered from this new company, you would not have already received it given your 2 week turn-around.

I have placed three orders with RDK but will never order from them again. The first one arrived relatively quickly. Given that experience, I placed a second large order (almost $300) when they posted their last big sale on Sept. 17th. Within hours, I noticed two more kits that I wanted and ordered those also. The third order arrived almost 4 weeks later. The second order did not come until 6 1/2 weeks had elapsed and was not exactly the kits that I had ordered! I was just about ready to file a claim with my credit card company. But at that point, I was glad to have received something and counted my blessings. The prices are really good, but, so not worth all the stress and aggravation!

Jo the fuss is about a long and sad history with RDK and it’s owner. I don’t believe it all, but I also dismiss it all either. I ordered 3 times from the old RDK and received my stuff on time (albeit slower than BB, but faster than others) and got everything I ordered, no hassle.
People are concerned also because RDK was not allowed to take PayPal. I have learned how important that is when dealing with a company. If PayPal will not accept them as a customer then I need to stay away from the company… I don’t have money to gamble with.
I see that the new company DOES take PayPal and that is a bit of a consolation. But, I am suspicious of any company that will not divulge it’s owners/board etc. That makes me very nervous and makes me ask what is so bad that they have to keep a secret? I feel the same about government stuff too and Church stuff too…so am not singling out this company only.
I wish them well, if they are really legitimate, and really trying to make a site for less expensive reborning things of quality. But, I do think we all need to be wary of anyone who is secretive about their dealings and their ownership. For all we know, and I am not serious here…for all we know this could be co owned by BinLaden and we would all be hauled into Guantanamo by Homeland Security! Not so bad acutally in the winter as Gitmo is really a tropical island…but I require better room service and quarters and of course babies on hand for creative outlets.


Gina, thank you for that very insightful post. Nobody could say it better than you.

I got the strangest email mailing from this new company on Friday or Saturday…can’t remember which…anyway it was all the flashing lights etc and was “announcing” a new contest…very vague that the award would be 500 dollars cash and kits I think. OH and you would do a prototype if I remember right.
There was a link to get info about the contest, so I clicked it…then a minute or two later I got a mailer daemon…saying it was a bogus addy. So, now I am curious so later in the posting there was another link to what appeared to be the same addy…except the irrisisti/able part was spelled differently. That one went thru, I got no mailer daemon…then I get two emails from a woman named Emma who apologized for the mailing problem but wouldnt state that it was the wrong name. The tone of the note was that I was not “clicking” right? LOL
Then I got a second note saying that they had experienced “technical difficulties” and would be up and running…yada yada yada…then I just for fun went over to the RDK site and same wording was used as to why they have not started their “final clearance” sale.
Stupid people, stupid way to treat customers, and stupid responses. But I am sticking to this to see exactly what it is all about…since my favorite mystery writer is getting too old to write many books anymore I have time on my “solving hands”…so will substitute this with my need to solve a mystery! lol

Oh yeah Victoria we all got those too! What I find so funny is that after my experience yesterday with the message FROM THEM that misspelled their own email addy link with the spelling for Irrisistables I find it hard to swallow that they think the names are NOT “indistinguishable” when they couldn’t even distinguish between them themselves! ROFLMBO!!!
I didnt’ get a mesage about a terminal illness…but she did say she had had a life changing illness.