Warning about your paypal account!

Hey guys! If you get an email that claims to be from Paypal that says a charge has been put on your account that appears to be suspicious and to click here if you want to cancel it, you need to report the email to Paypal and delete it from your computer and from your recycle bin. I just got one this morning, and it said that this charge looked “suspicious” and I opened it because I was expecting a Paypal invoice from a vendor, but when I saw that it was for a different amount than I was expecting and a different payee, well I clicked on that “click here to cancel this transaction” button before I realized what I was doing. The page that takes you to asks you for your paypal password. I stopped in my tracks, went to another internet tab, logged into my Paypal and saw there had been no charge. They were just trying to get my password , and I almost fell for it. So be careful. I called Paypal, they said if I had already clicked on the message, that I needed to change my password, so I did.

Thank you, Linda for the heads up!!


I have been told to NEVER click on any link to your Paypal account. If you want to check something out it is better to ALWAYS type in the address and view you account that way. You can never be too careful.

Yes, I knew that, but I lost my head for a minute when I thought that I had been charged for something I didn’t buy. That’s the bait they used and it almost worked! I probably would have approached it differently if I hadn’t been looking for a paypal invoice. I will know better next time for sure.