Warming Pads for Reborns

I have a customer who wants to place a warming pad in her reborn. I’ve never used them and had never heard of them until this customer brought it up. Has anyone used them? Are they recommended for LDC soft line dolls? Do they require a special cloth body? I’m not finding a lot of info on them and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

NEVER even heard of a “warming pad”. LOL!

I have a teddy bear that has a Velcro opening to insert a little heated package. Not sure what’s in it, but it’s heated in the microwave and then inserted back into the teddy, and used for children with boo-boos, or Mommies with migraines. It smells good, maybe lavender in it. I wonder if that’s what she has in mind.

Umm, I’m in the middle of painting an LDC soft line doll. Once it is assembled, there is no way of inserting a pack into the doll since she is full-body. Depending on how hot she is talking, if you were using a doll with a cloth body, the doll should be fine. After all, the paint wouldn’t be in contact with the heat, just the stuffing. You would have to use a specially made body with a pouch on the front to insert a body. You could use a small size heat pack for it but the smallest I’ve seen would be too big to insert in a doll. Plus after using them for a while,they can start to leak. I use mine a lot and have gone thru several. Takes me about 6 months to kill one. You can buy ones that have pellets but they don’t hold heat for as long as the gel type. My newest one has clay of all things. Holds the heat longer but also has to be heated more than they say to in order to get past lukewarm.

Still think about the waterbaby that Jamie carried around all the time. Talk about warm and squishy and real feeling. They need a reborn kit that has that feature!

PS Just started googling and think she is thinking of this doll that has a removeable pack for children. http://www.amazon.com/Intelex-Warmheart … B008EL27ZS

After looking at heat pads made on pininterest, I started wondering if you could design a pad that tied on like a belly plate would. I’d opt for a smaller grain than corn or cherry pits because of the lumps. Also maybe add in a few channels going across to keep all the grain from shifting to the belly area. Tie on with ribbons. Maybe I’ll give it a try one day.