Warm blush, Lip/Nail/Blush colors

Does anyone have a swatch of these? Or the next time you are painting, would you mind snapping a quick pic of when you are testing these colors on your paper towel?

I’m trying to mix an air dry equivalent of these two colors, but when I look at them in their containers, the color is so concentrated that I can’t really tell what color it is.

This color right here is the bb blush, lips and nails premixed color

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This is with the flash on

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Warm blush without the flash and second picture with the flash


Thank you, @melcurll! This helps tremendously!! :smile:

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You are most welcome!! Im always happy to help when i can :smiley:

How can I make this color? I don’t have the lip,nail, blush color. What would you use?