Wanting to buy for Christmas

Hello… I’m want to buy a Reborn for a Christmas gift for a very special person and was wondering if anyone on here had any for sale. Could you please send me some pics to choose from? My daughter is going to pic the one we are going to be giving as a gift. We looked on eBay, but could find one, the pics didn’t show very much detail and was afraid to buy from someone we didn’t know, so thought I would ask some of our talented artists on here!! We are looking for some detail and ones with mohair! One that looks real she says! Lol

This is the only baby I have with rooted hair at this time. Melody by Laura Tuzio Ross

Check my website at www.NewBeginningsNursery.com

I have 3 available now, but they will be going with me to a craft show on Saturday along with a few others I haven’t posted. I would be happy to reborn a custom (check the Adopted Babies page) for inspiration.

What size are you looking for, and maybe the price range.

Hi , I have a few babies ready to go.

Newborn size and about 300? Is that enough or more?

I believe the newborn size is a 20". It’s for my daughter, but she doesn’t know it yet… After she delivered her second they told her because of her scoliosis she would not be able to carry another child and told her she would have to tie her tubes or if she did get pregnant again it would break her back. So she tied her tubes and still to this day wants another baby so badly! She seen the Reborns and asked for one for Christmas… I need one that is special and looks as real as possible!

I thought I could paint her one and started about 3 months ago to get everything I needed and now that I have everything I’m so scared ill mess it up that alls I have done is one skin layer and some veins that really don’t look very good at all and am stripping it down again! I’m not sure how wide or dark the veins need to be and my veins are very thin lines and just don’t look right, so I’m just going to give up and buy her one!

I have these three listed on ebay. If your interested I can pull ones listing.

I have this one listed on Ebay if she does not sell I am more than happy to let you have her for the asking price and free shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261677033676?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

How much? I love her.

I have Maya up on ebay for 299, id be happy to pull the listing if you are interested

She is $250.00 + S&H

Cradled babies on facebook i have knox is almost finished, and have esme by laura lee eagles, also have other kitsi just got the new owen francis kit, ,

these are the 2 i am doing now knox is finished and waiting hair , he will be 400.00 , comes w/coa by laura lee eagles, body and body plait, binky and clothes. Facebook, will take offers on a kit if you want one.

I have this preemie. $165 plus shipping.