Wanted to switich from Genesis paints

I have been reborning using Genesis paints. But I have been having trouble with the paints leaving residue behind on my doll kit. Kinda like pigments of paint stuck on my doll kit. I have spent over $200 on paints.I wanted to switch to air dry paints but I really don’t know which one I should get.Does anyone have any advice on paints that will be durable on my reborn doll kit? Thanks

Do you mean like little flecks of paint left behind on the kit? Do you have a pic. It could be something fixable, unless you really want to switch.

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I recently started using air dry on test parts because it is winter and I only bake the vinyl outside. I love the set I got of Golden brand paint. It was a little starter set with maybe 8 colors. From Michaels or AcMoore. Some craft store like that would have it. With a coupon it is only about $20. It was similar to this one just it had different colors. Like my set doesn’t have two whites. I’ve found it to be very durable and sticking well without mediums. Plus it cuts paint time down so much without having to bake!


How could I something like that? I have use bb premixed paint and also the Genesis colors and they both do it.any suggestions?

It depends what exactly is happening. Sometimes the paint separates and the pigment flecks get stuck to the kit. Some colours just seem to do it no matter how much you mix them.

You have to stir your paint often. I stir before I apply it every time.
Burnt umber separates fast for me

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