Wanted to say hello and ask for honest opinons

Hello all! I’m a newbie to the reborn painting world. I have been reading many topics in this forum over the last few weeks and finally decided to join! I fell in love with reborns a few years ago but got my first one Christmas eve. He was a darling preemie doll and I fell in love with him but he was well loved before I came upon him. I wanted to fix him up a little and over the course of much reading and watching videos I decided I also wanted to do my own kit! I have always loved art and for a few years I painted model horses. I decided to order a couple cheap BB kits and use air dry paints as I was familiar with them and I didn’t have space or extra money for the GHSP and the oven to set them with. I started painting Sweetie and so far this is what I have. I am not done as of yet, creases, blushing and such are to come but I would love honest opinions of what I might improve upon or do differently for the next one. Sorry for if the photos arent very clear, i took them with my phone. Thank you ladies!


I think your doing great , keep going :heart:

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Looks good so far to me.

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Thank you ladies :blush:, I wasn’t too sure how she was coming along as I’ve never painted a reborn before. Just model horses and that is a whole different world!

Looks good. You’re doing great.

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The creasing looks good. The crease from the side of nose to lips looks darker one side to the other, at least on this screen. Maybe try to even that out a little. The forehead crease I would barely paint- you don’t want them to be too pronounced. Keep it up looks great so far!

Maybe this photo may help more? I was in a bit of a rush taking photos but if it still looks dark to you I would definitely try to even it out, would I do that during the blushing? And thank you for the feed back!


Sorry I’m still trying to learn this whole posting part! Forgive me for the edits and re edits!

Looks really good. We r all having problems with photos flipping. Cropping the photo a little seems to help…

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Oops, seems I deleted it! Thank you for that tip I will have to try that.

I think your baby is coming out lovely for your first. What brand of air dry paint are you using and how do you like working with it so far?? Keep up the good work.

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Looks really good to me as well.
“Congrats”!!! :slight_smile:

Your doing so good believe me I wish I had been that good on my first :grinning:

Thank you ladies! Lynn, I use liquitex and Folk Art. I love it although I had to play with liquitex gel medium to Folk Art and water. It took some playing around with to get the watery consistency I saw in videos and yet not leave speckled of paint. Definitely a learning curve! With model horses you don’t do washes or mottling.

Wow looking great!!! I want to use air dry paints at least once to see the difference from GHSP

It’s wonderful to work with (but I may be a little bias :wink:), I hear it very different then GHSP so I’m not sure the learning curve? I’ve never painted with GHSP so I can’t compare the two.

Also thank you for all the kind words ladies!

Your baby is looking great so far! Congrats

Looks good to me
I love the Sweetie kit.

You are doing very well!
The forehead vein is a little to prominent for my tastes but I don’t like strong/dark veins. The rest of them look great though!