Want to change skin tone

wonder if anyone can help me ,i’m new to reborns i have bought a baby, didn’t realise until she came how i don’t really like the skin tone she has , it was different in photo can i change her skin tone with air dry paints if she was painted with heat paints i would like to take some blue mauve tones out as she looks a bit like a dead baby :disappointed: thanks

Do you know how to paint these dolls?
Do you know if she was painted using air dry or heat set?
The reason I ask is painting over her existing paint may be harder than just taking all the paint off and redoing her completely.

Can you post a photo of the doll?

hi thanks for your reply no i haven’t painted before i was hoping to try ! i no she was painted with heat paints was hoping to blot some air dry paint over her to tone the blue and mauve is that possible ?
will post a pic of her

I believe Genesis can be painted over with air dry if you seal the vinyl really well. Genesis paints are oil based and air dry uses water, and the two don’t mix. Someone who has done both kinds of painting can answer you more.

But if you want to tone down the mauve and blue tones, you have to know how to neutralize those colors with certain colors. I agree that maybe you could just strip her down with Windsor & Newton brush cleaner solution and start fresh, painting her the way you want her to be.

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You could paint over the heat set. In my experience tho it is harder to go over someone else’s work. If I were you I would strip her and give yourself a blank canvas. Otherwise you may be in for a big headache and you don’t want that to be your intro to these dolls.

Or maybe you can buy another sculpt to practice until you are comfortable going over the old paint on the doll you have now.

thankyou for the info i think i will buy a cheap kit to start before i try and do anything with this baby can anyone point me in the right direction on a full starter kit


If you’re hoping to use Air dry, I would look into what other people here on the forums use. I use Golden Fluid Acrylics for my paints. There’s a lot of threads in air dry of you click the magnifying glass and then search air dry, I’d just filter the results by recent topics!
As for a kit, I agree with others on choosing a cheap kit. I’d recommend a newborn sized sleeping with with open hands, they tend to be the easiest to start with! Most of us use Windsor and Newton brush cleaner and restorer to strip kits btw, so that’s what we mean when we say Windsor and Newton to strip. Feel free to start a thread specifically about air dry paints and ask any questions you don’t get answered by searching the forum!

Welcome to the forum, and to the world of reborning!

Also as far as I’m aware there’s not necessarily a complete air dry set/kit for reborning, but it can be cheaper to purchase the individual pieces to a starter kit than the full starter kit.

thankyou for the advice very helpful
i’m excited to start just feels a little overwhelming with what i need
i was hoping for a starter kit with everything i need to get me going :blush:

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Yeah, unfortunately I don’t believe there’s one for air dry (though someone correct me if that’s changed?), but there are for heat sets! As a collective we could probably come up with a list of what you’d need pretty easily though :two_hearts:.

ok that sounds great a list would be good thankyou
i was hoping that a beginner starter pack would have the paints mixed for skin tones etc as i’m sure it will be hit and miss for quite a while getting it right
can i ask is it best to use air dry or heat

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Welcome to the forum. Just to let you know, new folks have a posting limit per day so if you get shut out of posting today, that’s why. You’ve met your limit. Do you know how to search topics? It’s the spyglass at the top and type in your search criteria to find so much information on just about anything you could imagine for reborning and not reborning :grin:

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no i don’t but i will have a go at finding my way around thankyou your all so kind


Air dry vs heat set is really a personal choice and both are great options! I don’t use heat set because of the fumes from baking/thinners/the paints themselves, I can’t risk being around them due to some health problems, but many many people use and love them! There’s lots to read about here on the forum, but really it all comes down to personal choice!

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Debs, you can get a complete starter kit for air dry paints from




Let us take a look at your baby!!


You should resell the baby and find something you do like. Someone will love her as she is.

If I were the artist I would be heartbroken if someone stripped or painted over my work.


i was thinking of selling her if i couldn’t tone down the blue/mauve which is the only thing i don’t like :disappointed:

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The picture would help to guide you with recommendations. However I agree with suggestions to sell and buy what you like. Just post true to color pictures if you decide to sell her, so next buyer will not be disappointed also.

i would love to post a picture but i have no clue how too sorry if you could help me that would be fab thankyou