Walmart finds

I’m not sure if anybody is looking for anything like this but many stores online are having deals like these. So many of my friends have been ordering tons of stuff.


Wow those prices are unbelievable

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Darn I looked at my Walmart and they’re still expensive

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Sometimes you have to check around. None of these are at my regular Walmart but they all ship.

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Those prices are insane!!


Yep same here for me. I check cause who wouldn’t want those deals!! :rofl: but no dirt cheap prices.


The problem is the “shipping costs”??

@lynn Shipping was $6 for 3 coolers, 1 rocker, 1 high chair and 1 car seat.

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People have been freaking out all over Facebook for this stuff. There is also a cooler on sale and my friend has ordered 22 of them.

WOW, that’s crazy! Has anyone received their stuff yet? This seems unreal to me. When could you ship something for $6 let alone six dollars for all that stuff. Just me being skeptical. Look how much it costs just to ship a kit. Weird.

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Yes, a lot of people started receiving there stuff already.

Well that’s just awesome, I’m really happy for them, finally something that’s working Right!!

Dang can I PayPal you and you ship one to my address? :rofl:

@ellakabella Send me your address and I’ll see if it will let me!

1 Like wont even load for me lately if I am logged in :frowning:

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Looks like some of the ships finally made it in and they need to clear merch :rofl: too much stick not enough shelves


I messaged you! Worth a shot!

My app works but not on sale has free shipping if your order is over $35. Under that and it is about $10 shipping I think I always order enough to get the free shipping.

I’m in So. Cal. and I think ours is over $50 for free shipping.

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