Wal-Mart Ads, Counterfeits, and IG

Y’all. If this doesn’t just take the cake. A couple of months ago, I reported a WM ad on IG that was promoting their sell of counterfeit Reborns. My account was frozen for a week afterwards. I kept filing appeals, but nothing mattered. Before I spoke on it, I wanted to make absolutely sure what was happening…I’m not an avid commenter, I stick to my lane, don’t do drama or arguing, so I felt certain this was why I was put on restriction, but wanted to be 100%. I actually didn’t want to believe it, but that was probably naïve because big business is big business and these corporations don’t care. When I reported the ad again, I was told I was abusing their reporting policies and could be banned from IG.

So, heads up, don’t bother reporting WM unless you want to be banned. This is infuriating. Sales are the PITS right now and people are certainly playing the “but times are hard” card to excuse buying from TEMU, Amazon, etc. Times are hard - for all of us! I feel like this is a never ending uphill battle. Seeing former Real Only supporters turning to advertising for these sham companies is the most unsettling thing ever. Anything for a buck, I guess.

Feeling really defeated, as I know many of us are. Holding out for now, but dang, this is going to be impossible if something doesn’t change. Reborn art is way too much of an investment to sit on if folks can buy a fake (yet decent) Reborn for less money than we have in them just to create them.


Exactly. :100:

I can even understand it, I mean, a 6 yr old wants a reborn ~ a parent goes online trying to find one. They might come across the Reborns site, finding actual REAL reborns beautifully painted by REAL artists…then they scope out Temu, Amazon, and Walmart where for 50 bucks they can get a “reborn” so…they do. Problem solved on their end. No thoughts as to the toxic chemicals, the stolen sculpts, the mass production, just a doll for their child. It’s been mentioned here that the fakes and knock offs are looking better.

It’s pushing a lot of artists and sculptors out of business, me included.


Don’t forget they are tired of being scammed by “artists” so they buy from”legit” sites that they trust…. Walmart Amazon Etsy etc :woman_facepalming:t2:

They really don’t understand what a reborn is…. As in a NOT factory painted doll. I wonder if they can be swayed by convincing them that their kids will be teased by having a wanna be reborn. Like knockoff designer stuff :thinking: