Waiting for the Thinner to dry

Curious how long it takes for your thinner to dry out in the air. It’s so boring having to wait in between painting and curing!

Usually if you start with the head by the time you finish the other parts the head is dry.

Then bake the head in one batch and the limbs in the next.

The part I find frustrating is the time it takes the vinyl to cool so I can work on my next layer. That’s why I do more than one kit at a time. Lol
I don’t recommend that unless you are diligent on who’s parts are who’s. I did Skya and Jennie awake and Jennie asleep at the same time and someone’s limbs got some extra layers :woman_facepalming:t2: Now I’m trying to color match :weary:


Ugh yes I hate waiting for the baby to cool!

I did this the other night lol.
Could not figure out why one limb set looked so much different then the others. Then duh! I had painted it more instead of the other sets lol
So I made a grid with tape on my table, then take posty notes with the sculpt name so I could put the correct kit into each section lol


Agreed, that cooling is what takes time. I like that is is winter here in Pennsylvania right now, I just leave the parts outside and they cool very fast.


Ohhhh I need to do that! I had to mark my dif Jennie’s to tell them apart. Jennie O got a little dot of sharpie on her flanges.

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Usually I hop on my phone and shop (bad) or come to the forum and dream up crazy topics to talk about :crazy_face: