Wacky Wednesday Rosa Wegerich

Today’s wacky Wednesday sale at dolls by Sandie is Rosa Wegerich. I absolutely love this kit. She was one of my favorites to reborn. But she took forever to sell and I kept having to lower her price. So I’m going to pass. Even though she is one of my personal favorites.


She’s very cute!

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Awe I was Just looking at her. Even at 80.00 for kit and body, if she’s not a great seller I better pass It’s not like I don’t have boxes of kits. She’s cute though!!

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Oh she’s a cutie! I love her! I wonder why she’s not a good seller?

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Is possible my experience was a fluke. She was one of my early dolls and I took bad pics. But also she’s preemie size and that tends to turn people off, especially if the baby looks older. Here’s mine. I sold her for $275.


That prototype is really cute. Some of the reborned ones I’ve seen not so much. It’s something about her mouth that makes her not look like a little baby.

I’m very tempted to give her a second try now that I have more experience. But I bet someone on this forum has a Rosa kit that they would trade me if I decide to do that. I don’t need to buy one. :wink:

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She’s adorable! But I don’t think she looks like a preemie and that is probably why it took awhile to sell her?

I would love to see you reborn her again. I would try but I don’t think I can make her look preemie

I’d like to give her a go but I just can’t buy any more kits. There are 3 not yet released Cassie Brace kits that I really, really want.


I absolutely adore Rosa. She is still in my nursery so no one likes my version of her. I got my kit ages ago from dald when she went out of business. Here is my sweetie.