Waaaaa logan

ok so thought I would spend a bit of time before the rest of family gets here and work on Logan. got a layer on and baked legs, then arms and somehow my temp got cranked up and was at 350 when i noticed. pulled them out using a brush handle and his poor arms are ruined. They were smoking hot…poor logan. will have to see about some arms for him but not today :frowning:


Aww I’m so sorry I hate when that happens. You try to get a little done before moving on to what needs to be done and the babies get mess up. :persevere: hope you can find some arms Logan is a cutie.

Rough start to the day. :confounded:

Sooooooo sorry

:disappointed: poor thing

Oh no! Happens to everyone eventually I guess? I caught mine just a couple mins in on 350 the other day. Grateful I seen before damage was done!
Merry Christmas!

Aw that’s so awful

My 3rd doll a FenYen face collapsed in the heat but i got it out and stuffed it in time to save it. Something else did recently but i stuffed it tight and kept it stuffed every baking until all painted and ready for hair. Never had one totally ruined yet…fingers crossed.Just those 2 close calls Guess my time is coming!.

That happened to me with Sleeping Kimberly - talk about sick! She was a custom order so I had to reorder - I was able to sell her as a boo boo baby - but it still was a sad sight!

So sorry- I’m glad it was just the arms, though! Poor baby.

:smirk: poor little guy